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title-sill-high.png AVAILABLE NOW ON STEAM EARLY ACCESS Angels Fall First is a first person combined-arms sci-fi wargame. From commanding the battle standing on the bridge of your flagship all the way down to frantic infantry firefights - AFF brings together all the combat you ever wanted. Featuring tactical team-oriented gameplay and offering a wide selection of weapons, tools, vehicles and spacecraft, AFF focuses on objective-based scenarios with a high degree of replayability, playable both online and offline. ScreenShot00024.jpg ScreenShot00051.jpg ScreenShot00046.jpg Fully operational capital ships with playable interiors which can be destroyed or captured by boarding. Games encompass both fleet and infantry combat - work together to assault spacestations, shipyards and enemy. Huge variety of roles - dogfight in a space interceptor, command a ground assault from the tactical map, assume point to clear a building, hunt with a frigate wolfpack as a lineship captain. AFF is in development by a small independant team, in evenings and weekends. Steam-logo.png affu-smalltitle.png FB-f-Logo__blue_50.png twitter-bird-dark-bgs.png indiedb.png yt-brand-logo-standard-onecolor-againstblack.png presskit()...
copying your character and downloading the PTR client. Once you've had a chance to try things out, visit the PTR Discussion forum to discuss the patch. To report issues or errors, use the in-game Submit Bug feature (found under Game Menu -> Help -> Submit Bug) or by visiting the PTR Bug Report forum. World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.4, PTR Updated: February 8, 2016. Infrastructure
  • Client support for infrastructure changes, including some memory optimizations.
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Microsoft Store shoppers in the U.S. have yet another promotional deal for the Xbox One to consider. From now until Feb. 15, people who purchase a new console from the U.S. store site, or from a retail Microsoft Store location, will get a free $75 gift code. Continue reading...
Burbank, California-based developer Insomniac Games made a name for itself with several successful game series on PlayStation consoles, including Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and (the sadly dormant) Spyro. Xbox gamers got their first taste of Insomniac's work with the 2014 exclusive Sunset Overdrive. Soon we'll get another taste thanks to the developer's upcoming multiplatform release Song of the Deep. Song of the Deep is an underwater Metroidvania-style action game starring a young girl who builds a submarine to search for her father. A new Metroidvania game is always good news, but the fact that this one comes from Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games makes it doubly so. We recently interviewed Brian Hastings of Insomniac about Song of the Deep at PAX South. Read on for impressions and the interview and gameplay video! Continue reading...
If you're going to use a headset for gaming, movies, and music very often, it's important that the headset is comfortable. Wireless headphones like the SteelSeries X800 have a significant advantage in the comfort department. Of course, you'll also be paying more for that wireless functionality. The X800 connects wirelessly to an audio receiver, allowing you to listen to your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and other devices without the need for a cable. You'll still need a wire for voice chat with some of those platforms, though. Read our full review with a video to find out just how comfortable and convenient the Siberia X800 is to use! Continue reading...
Nintendo has announced a new sale on the eShop for indie titles, called Nindies Love You. The sale starts on February 11th and is different according to which region you reside in. The deals here last for two weeks, ending on February 25th so you have plenty of time to decide to pick these up. North America:
  • Teslagrad – Rain Games ($7.49)
  • Chariot – Frima Studio Inc ($7.49)
  • Tengami – Nyamyam ($4.99)
  • Sportsball – TOO DX ($4.99)
  • Chasing Aurora – Broken Rules ($3.99)
  • PING 1.5+ – NAMI TENTOU MUSHI ($2.49)
  • ZaciSa’s Last Stand – ZeNfA Productions ($1.99)
  • psyscrolr – Actos Games ($1.99)
  • Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion – RCMADIAX ($1.50)
  • Turtle Tale – Saturnine Games ($1.49)
  • Teslagrad – Rain Games (£6.99 / €7.49)
  • Chariot – Frima Studio Inc (£6.74 / €7.49)
  • Tengami – Nyamyam (£3.49 / €3.99)
  • Race the Sun – Flippfly (£3.49 / €4.99)
  • Chasing Aurora – Broken Rules (£2.99 / €3.49)
  • Turtle Tale – Saturnine Games (£2.49 / €2.99)
  • ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! – ZeNfA Productions (£1.14 / €1.49)
  • Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion – RCMADIAX (£1.34 / €1.49)
  • Teslagrad – Rain Games ($9.99)
  • Chariot – Frima Studio Inc ($9.75)
  • Tengami – Nyamyam ($4.99)
  • Chasing Aurora – Broken Rules ($3.99)
  • ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! – ZeNfA Productions ($2.15)
  • Turtle Tale – Saturnine Games ($1.99)
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We’ve seen all kinds of crazy user creations in Super Mario Maker, but nothing that reaches this level of geekery. We thought mini-computers, calculators, and cell phone creations were in the domain of Minecraft, but a user-created level in Super Mario Maker showcases just what you can do if you set your mind to it. The level is called The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator and it does just what you expect a calculator to do. Pick two numbers on the level and watch while it computes the answer. It’s not fast and it’s definitely not pretty, but it speaks to the ingenuity of Super Mario Maker level creators that they’re able to perform basic arithmetic. Want to play the level yourself? Here’s the code:
705C-0000-01B3-FE78 ​
If you’re curious how the level works and want to see a full breakdown of everything it does, be sure to check out the technical explanation from the level’s reddit thread. Continue reading...
It’s with a great deal of joy that we celebrate Blizzard’s 25th Anniversary. In February of 1991, our founders came together to make video games, and it wouldn’t be long before they began work on the first new world built entirely by Blizzard Entertainment: Azeroth. The many stories and varied types of gameplay that have taken place on Azeroth (and later, Draenor) have never stopped coming. The history of Warcraft and the history of Blizzard Entertainment are fully intertwined, with each passing year falling into a unique Warcraft era for players. Those who started in with Warcraft eight years ago, for instance, started during the Burning Crusade. Those who started twelve years ago started during the Reign of Chaos era. However long you’ve been with us, we hope you accept our heartiest thanks and gratitude for all you’ve done to help us expand the excitement and wonder of these magical worlds. We’re going to continue to explore them with you for a very long time to come. Continue reading...
Titanfall's multi-platform sequel will include a single-player story campaign, where the original Titanfall did not. That's according to the sequel's lead writer Jesse Stern, who should probably know what he's talking about. Stern, who has written for TV series NCIS, plus Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, revealed the news in an interview with Forbes. Read more… Continue reading...
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens' reveal last week may not have been too much of a surprise - but the announcement included an intriguing detail. The game's press release briefly mentioned story levels set between the series' original films and Episode 7. Now, we know what some of these moments will include. Read more… Continue reading...