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Viewing Mail: 03-25-2012 CozWorld News Stuff!

03-25-2012 CozWorld News Stuff!
11:30 AM 03-25-2012

Hello {username},

You are receiving this email because I thought you needed to know what?s going on here @

You may know me or maybe not but CozWorld was originally called but was thought to be easier to just use to save time....

This Newsletter is being sent out to let everyone know I am here and plan on boosting in every aspect of gaming...

We have been supplying our resources to the Half Life gaming community since around 2002... I personally been hosting the website and gaming servers since around 1997 but that was then this is now!

Currently we are hosting 28 Game Servers--------
TeamSpeak 3 -100 Slots- (
► or just use Port 9987 -All CozWorld Steam Group Members Welcome!
► Slots
► Slots
► Slots
► Slots

MineCraft ( See Some Epic Stuff!!!
► Survival-100 Slots-World-Map:
► Creative-100 Slots-World-Map:

HL - Sven Co-op - half Life 1 Mod (
► Addon gives you a Xtra boost on our servers over time!

HL2 - OC - Classic Co-op OrangeBox Mod (

CounterStrike Source - CSS is a Steamgame -GameME Stats-
► Slots [Zriot] Humans Vs BOT Zombies
► Slots 24/7 de_iraqhistan with BOTS 50/50 Both Teams

HL2 - Exterminatus (
► Beta 6.0
► Beta 6.0

HL2 - TF2 - Steamgame -GameME Stats-
► Slots with 12 BOTS

HL2 - Zombie Panic! Source - Steam Game
► Slots-GameME Stats
► Slots-GameME Stats

KF - KFGameType - Steam Game (
► 6 Slots
► 6 Slots
► 6 Slots
► 6 Slots
► 6 Slots
► 6 Slots
► 6 Slots
► 6 Slots

UT3 - AFFGame.AFFGameInfo (Epic Space War & Ground Wars)
► -34 Slots

UT3 - Angels Fall First Stand Alone UDK -Special Host (Epic Space War & Ground Wars)
► -34 Slots

UT3 - UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Content - Steam game (
► -30 Slots- Warfare Gameplay with Goliath!

We have about 30 more servers that are offline... We keep them all and swap a few out from time to time...

UT3 - ANGELS FALL FIRST ( - Not much help needed! This Mods going Retail soon on Steam!HL2 - Exterminatus ( - Needs a lot more Player Support!
HL2 - NO MORE ROOM IN HELL! ( - I think this one is over the edge with player and server support! :)note: Some of the mods we host do not need anything from us other then just being another server but the three above we felt compelled to invest some interests...

We have an Official Clan Called C7 Clan and we always want fresh new blood but sadly we are a 17+ clan since most of us are now 20 and or are much older now...
If you?re interested in joining our clan or have any previous experience please PM me on the website or message me via Steam as we can use new members and possibly a few more officers and potential Leaders...
Our clan is based on the Military Ranking system...
Each step towards the top you earns a badge much like in the military and everyone below your rank is under your guidance... We are not a harshly run clan but there are times where some of the weaker people have fled when being reprimanded and well we do require you to be a tiny bit tuff...
Right now we are seeking- Grunts, Recruiters and a Secretary? Grunts are just people who just want to play games? Recruiters are people who get the grunts so you have to be an exceptional gamer? Secretary is someone who keeps track of the Roster!
We do require you to spend some time on our servers if you want to rank up! It doesn't require you to engage in combat arena style matches.. If your interested in Arena we do host TF2, CSS and ZPS as well as Unreal Tournament 3.. But remember do not join us then play elsewhere earn some play time on our servers...

Recently I announced that is Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.5
There are currently three website mobile integrations the site itself will produce a Mobile style whenever you visit it directly with your Smart Phone? You can also download either Forum runner or a Tapatalk App? Tapatalk you can buy a version or find a free App just have to search in your App store?
Our GameME Stats also has a mobile version and I hope to get a link in the mobile forums within the next few weeks?

Please remember if you haven't noticed we have a Thanks, Like and Dislike buttons under every post as well as a rating box above each first post!

If you could do me a favor if you like to spend time on any of our servers please take in game screen shots and then upload them to your Gallery...

We really need to get some custom media going for and the C7 Clan? Anyone who is into producing recorded and live video?s like streaming Ustream and want to help out while on vacation from college maybe or you?re really talented we need you and your skills to help us create a library of video?s to advertise us like in our CozWorld Servers! As it is I have pieced together a lot of videos on YouTube for CozWorld but really they are not from me and we really need to get the CozWorld Video department rolling! We have a few video intro?s but you are more than welcome to provide your own just they must first be shown to us before attaching them anything? Please No Windows Movie Maker crap we want to see something better? If you?re not interested maybe you know someone that is?

COZWORLD:::SOCIAL has been loaded on almost every main stream Social Media website? There is only one of me and so far I think sometimes there just isn?t enough content or the content isn?t enough to draw attention to the website which was why I wanted the Social interaction in the first place? I sometimes feel like people are like birds and I have to toss out some bread crumbs to lead them from Facebook to the website! What do I want? I want people to use the website and the social media spots but I do not think people want the same news on every space! So I am trying to listen to the audience and provide space specific news content bit it?s not easy? So bear with me and if you?re lost about what I am saying I mean you?re not going to rush to if I blab all the info on Facebook! Same goes for as I do not want to lose our members to the Social websites as we have in the past? Just the same keep an eye on me see how well I do?

Number of Members: 2,513
Total Threads: 4,331
Total Posts: 16,985
Currently Online: 13
Total Game Servers: 17
Total Servers Online: 17
Total Servers Offline: 0
Total Free Slots: 222
Total Players Online: 64
Maximum Number Of Players: 286

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