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The beginning of my Cable Cutting Trials!



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Ok so I decided it was time to try and cut the cord with my current cable provider which is AT&T but I didn’t get rid of it completely I just went down from the highest pack to the basic channel package.


It’s not Horrible but it’s not easy to get used to since I have 3 HD tvs one is a 4K UHD Tv…

Now the Playstion 4 Cable Cutting trials!
So after I dropped down to nothing my son texts me and says the Playstation Vue service is finally available for the Detroit Area. Now I tried SligTV hated how I couldn’t just channel surf up and down with my remote and quickly abandoned it. Now here is the Playstation Vue and guess what it’s the same crap no channel surfing up and down and there is no way I can use it on any other Tv other than where my PS4 is in the living room and for whatever stupid reason my PS4 fan starts going nuts about an hour running nonstop…

The Playstation Vue has a great Tv Guide and it really cool

Now on to the Xbox One Cable Cutting Trials!
So I was sort of fed up and decided to try something else… I was searching and found there is a HD tuner by Hauppauge for the Xbox One and found there was a package on the Microsoft store that offers the Hauppauge HD Tuner with a HD antenna but that sort of sucks too because here I already own 3 HD Tvs why would anyone in their right mind buy another tuner then the issue once again is Channel surfing up and down is possible but in a really clunky way.
The Xbox One Tv styled remotes use IR not RF or Bluetooth or WiFi which means you got to aim the remote directly at the Xbox One which is really stupid in today’s day in age and especially because the Controller is WiFi …

The Channel Guide is nice though!
So I am not really happy with the Cord Cutting just yet!

This is what I want from Sony is to get with Samsung get the Playstation Vue app on their Tv’s and you should have had it from the get go you really screwed up not securing the release of the app directly on the Tv’s.

Microsoft seriously stop selling the IR remote it’s a horrible technology in today’s day in age for any kind of home remote!
And no I am not fond of using the Chromecast with Playstion Vue when my phone is charging it's terribly inconvenient!

And to Sony and SlingTV channel surfing is key to this cable cutting era! I want to be able to scroll up and down through the channels like I do with my Tv remote with my Cable Box or I am eventually going back!

The bottom line is I think anyone that is frustrated as I am should envest in spending into Tech gadgets and apps to try and find the best solution and to speak your mind about what you like want and hate about getting rid of your Cable plan! It benefits everyone!

And to the Cable providers pick up the pace get rid of useless programs people don't watch or care about and give us more choices of hiding channels or just more ways for us to pay for what we want! Stop charging extra for HD channels. Make sure your Cable box software isn't laggy! Stop trying to make more money with shitty service! Nobody likes Infomercials is why this is your Heroin or Crack for your Business and it's going to be your doom!

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