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    Martin Weltchek

    Martin Weltchek

    Everyone shits!

    5.0- Really Enjoyed it! Ghostbusters (1984)

    • 88
    • 1

    Title: Ghostbusters

    Tagline: They ain't afraid of no ghost.

    Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

    Director: Ivan Reitman

    Cast: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Annie Potts, William Atherton, Ernie Hudson, David Margulies, Steven Tash, Jennifer Runyon, Slavitza Jovan, Michael Ensign, Alice Drummond, Jordan Charney, Timothy Carhart, John Rothman, Tom McDermott, Roger Grimsby, Larry King, Joe Franklin, Casey Kasem, John Ring...
    The Mandalorian: S02E01 Chapter 9: The Marshal
    • 246
    • 0

    Chapter 9: The Marshal

    Season: 2
    Episode: 1
    Air date: 2020-10-30

    Guest stars: Temuera Morrison, Timothy Olyphant, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., David Choe, Miguel A. Lopez, Xavier Jiménez, Leilani Shui, W. Earl Brown, Dieterich Gray, Karisma Gideon, Dylan Curtis, Amy Sedaris, John Leguizamo, Emily Swallow

    The Mandalorian is drawn to the Outer Rim in search of others of his kind.

    Season 2 first episode dropped this morning! Wow this was absolutely...
    5.0- Really Enjoyed it! Blood of Zeus (2020)
    • 104
    • 0

    Chronicles the illegitimate son of Zeus, a young man tasked with saving heaven and earth despite the interference of a vengeful goddess and her monstrous forces.
    First episode date: October 27, 2020...

    4.5- Entertaining Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

    • 77
    • 0

    Title: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

    Tagline: The end is near.

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Science Fiction

    Director: Lauren Montgomery

    Cast: Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy, Summer Glau, Edward Asner, Andre Braugher, Susan Eisenberg, Rachel Quaintance, Tara Strong, Julianne Grossman

    Release: 2010-09-28

    Runtime: 78

    Plot: Batman discovers a mysterious teen-aged girl with superhuman powers and a connection to...
    Dorohedoro (2020)
    • 102
    • 0


    2020 TV-MA1 Season Anime Series
    Amnesiac Caiman seeks to undo his lizard head curse by killing the sorcerer responsible, with his friend Nikaido's help. In the Hole, that's a threat.
    Starring:Wataru Takagi, Reina Kondo, Kenyu Horiuchi

    4.5- Entertaining Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020)

    • 91
    • 0

    Title: Superman: Man of Tomorrow

    Tagline: Before he was the Man of Steel, he was the Man of Tomorrow.

    Genre: Animation, Action, Science Fiction

    Director: Chris Palmer

    Cast: Zachary Quinto, Alexandra Daddario, Neil Flynn, Bellamy Young, Darren Criss, Cristina Milizia, April Stewart, Cissy Jones, Ike Amadi, Ryan Hurst, Brett Dalton, Eugene Byrd, Piotr Michael, David Chen

    Release: 2020-08-23

    Runtime: 86

    Plot: It’s the dawn...
    The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)
    • 87
    • 0

    A young governess arrives at Bly Manor and begins to see apparitions haunting the estate.
    First episode date: October 9, 2020...
    Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts 2020 ‧ Animation
    • 82
    • 0

    Kipo, a sheltered girl, gets a crash course in survival when a mutant attack sends her to the surface, far from the safety of her underground home.
    First episode date...

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