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    9.0- Amazing Fallout 4

    Oh god the negative possibility space is growing and it wont stop! The story...? *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* I honestly feel that Bethesda is too afraid of actually writing a good plot line for some unknown reason or they could just honestly be hopelessly bad at writing all together...
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    9.0- Amazing Fallout 4

    Companions... What is wrong with all of the companions? None of them are relatively useful in any fashion and only serve to point out tin cans and stand in front of the player during combat or block the traversal of terrain. In the recent previous titles companions were not as remotely bad as...
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    9.0- Amazing Fallout 4

    Balancing. . .? Why is it all the modern Fallout games play like a bullet sponge experience? This is an obviously poor idea of scaling difficulty with levels. And with the sudden jump of power creep the player experiences with game start power armor I guess they felt compelled to balance the...
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    9.0- Amazing Fallout 4

    Fallout 4 has too many instances that completely rejects established lore or themes established in previous Fallout games. I attempt to present a very real down to earth review of the game without holding my punches to much. *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* If its red its a spoiler! You were...
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    Keep on keepin on everyone!

    Hello, for those who don't remember me and still frequent the forums I am the Einhander. (yeah that guy over there) I just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is doing well! And now some random stuff to fill the void! This product may cause hair cancer :D
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    I love Cozworld and you can't do nuthin about it!

    I love Cozworld and you can't do nuthin about it!
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    The catwalk part made me want one of them to fall off just for the lolz.
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    Update to Einhander's life

    Hey guys just popped on to say hello, still don't have internet and I am typing this on a neighbors computer. I am still searching for a job but I am getting a lot of different job offers, unfortunately most of those offers are not viable for me in the way of qualifications or distance; But I am...
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    Server Updates 01-19-2013 CozWorld System Maintenance

    Nah keep them high quality i like to see what I miss in your world.
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    FIRST TUESDAY- 1ST Tuesday

    Sorry got a job and have been busy
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    Dose she

    how much is coke?
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    Sorry for the leave of absence

    Right on, I was a GM focused completely on 25mm and below. Tried my hand at torpedoes and helped with a overhaul with some subsystems on the one armed bandit. Spent most of my time brown water navy working with the Patrol Coastals and mobile security guys. I'm sure you and I both have a healthy...
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    Sorry for the leave of absence

    Mk 41 VLS heh, FC or GM?
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    FIRST TUESDAY- Sound off

    Pider pan povie? phat pver po pou pean? I just read that and confused myself...