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Brain Bread Bayou Beta 2

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Zombie Hunter
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Jan 24, 2005
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Welcome to Alligator Bayou, an ecotour through a pristine wilderness of winding bayous,
alligator swamps and a stunning lake of old-growth cypress trees... What rubbish! The
bugs bite you all over! The inescapable sweltering heat, combined with freaking
alligators that will rip your legs off if you don't watch your step. You must have
been out of your mind thinking this was a good idea for a vacation. So to punish you
for your stupidity, Hell sends you the living dead...

Your goal in this mission is to get to the safety of an underground military station
hidden deep within the swamp. This is accomplished in the following steps:

1.) The first thing you have to do is get out of your insecure cabin and get to the
docks where your boat is.

2.) Fight off some of the zombie horde.

3.) You need to stock up on food and supplies. Loot the local grocery store.

4.)A recent storm has caused the entrance to the bunker to be blocked by rubble.
You know of a local guy that was a former demolitions expert, maybe he can help.
His name's Fred... find his house.

5.) Oh no! Fred turned into a zombie! Waste him and raid his shed for the explosives.

6.) Use the explosives on the rubble, then proceed down into the bunker to safety!

Special thanks to Overlord for hosting my maps, and GamerT1 and 4thidusa for the help with some errors.

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