Keen Halloween (1-7) Remastered

Keen Halloween (1-7) Remastered 2018-10-03

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[Part 1] - Keen, Turrican, Indulgence Inc., Mr. Mazur, g1l, Xirex - [Part 2] - Katana, g1l - [Part 3] - g1l, Soctom, Moaby - [Part 4] - Keen, Sence - [Part 5] - Keen, RNG, Mr. Mazur, LemonSoda - [Part 6] - Keen, Nih, cyberdaemon - [Part 7] - Keen, Turrican, w00tguy123 - [Additional Credits] - Tuesday's Avenger, iLLuSioN, cyberdaemon, Nih, cSMG, hrothunder, JPolito, Silencer, Cesar, Eisen, unconwar, WAR_Nuker, enji, takedeppo.50cal, Kain, AdamR, hydeph, StreamFox, Trempler, Rumpel, Cocyx The Skeleton * Ripent Remaster * Garompa
Date of release
Sep 29, 2018
Additional info
Known Issues: freeman in kh7 has a strange behavior in one of the attacks due to a map problem
.bsp filename
kh1, kh2, kh3, kh4, kh5, kh6fix2, kh7_preview

Not open ended anymore!
Released for halloween 2018. As title says this is a remastered version of Keen Halloween (the entire seven (7) maps), and it is the new improved, Keen approved and bug fixed version of Keen Halloween (hopefully this is final, if no further bugs are encountered).
It fixes crashes, broken models, broken puzzles, broken sounds, polishes file structure, updates models, deletes unused files, adds some missing, expands on the backstory, and gives the saga an ending! Yes, Keen Halloween 7, the final map, is added in this version as a fully working map with an ending. Maps are server friendly as everything has been done with ripent!
For a list of fixes look below or read the readme file.

kh1.jpg kh2.jpg kh3.jpg kh4.jpg kh5.jpg kh6fix2.jpg kh7_preview.jpg
Change log
Archive added on September 29, 2018 by Garompa.
Additional credits
Keen - Glued all of the parts together and bugfixed the hell out of everything (and voiced his character).

Garompa (Keen Halloween Remastered)
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