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  1. Einhander

    9.0- Amazing Fallout 4

    Fallout 4 has too many instances that completely rejects established lore or themes established in previous Fallout games. I attempt to present a very real down to earth review of the game without holding my punches to much. *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* If its red its a spoiler! You were...
  2. Einhander

    Keep on keepin on everyone!

    Hello, for those who don't remember me and still frequent the forums I am the Einhander. (yeah that guy over there) I just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is doing well! And now some random stuff to fill the void! This product may cause hair cancer :D
  3. Einhander

    Update to Einhander's life

    Hey guys just popped on to say hello, still don't have internet and I am typing this on a neighbors computer. I am still searching for a job but I am getting a lot of different job offers, unfortunately most of those offers are not viable for me in the way of qualifications or distance; But I am...
  4. Einhander

    It's so powerfull its selling itself in the forums!

    Old Spice | Bounce - YouTube POWER!
  5. Einhander

    Starcraft 2

    I reciently bought and played starcraft 2 and I must say it blew my mind!, the cinematics and gameplay are top notch and I vote this game to be the best RTS of 2010! I still currently have one free pass still on me so if you want it give me a heads up!
  6. Einhander

    The Everlasting Wish Disaster Thread!

    Ok this is a fairly simple game, one person wishes for something and the next person to respond grants the wish but give the person a horrible outcome for granting the wish. Example: I wish I was the most powerfull man in the world -Einhander Granted But now you have a Mutated strain...
  7. Einhander

    Games NOT to buy!

    I am starting this thread to help everyone not buy the crappy games in the world so that they don't waste their hard earned cash. Please feel free to add any you believe to belong in this list Also the reasons that these games are here are because of either bad gameplay or bad storylines or...
  8. Einhander

    once again its that poem thread :)

    Some of the older members may remember this kind of thread, its that thread were you make up poems and post them here "ON THE FORUMS" and let people talk about them and compliment you on your wonderfull poem :) I'll start of course: Citris zings of lemon pulp twist and disturb the general...
  9. Einhander

    blue and his power trip

    I love u
  10. Einhander

    POWER THIRST! ..the videos say it all. WARNING!: May Contain Anna Kournikova! For those easily offeneded do not watch second power thirst I thinks its halarious!
  11. Einhander

    NAVY NINJA!!!! its me

    It's me haha
  12. Einhander

    Corrupt a whish forum game REBIRTHED!

    It's easy kids, adults and other ages... You wish for something and the person who posts after you must corrupt the wish (In some kind of evil horrible usualy gory fashon). EX: I wish for peace on earth. -----------------NEXT...
  13. Einhander


    Hi everyone I GOT MY FIRST X-MAS PRESENT YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I GOT A POCKET WATCH, A SONIC GRENADE(which got confiscated)CANDY AND OFMG TY 4 THE TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Einhander

    Kings of Chaos. You create little armys and kill eachother oddly its addictive.
  15. Einhander

    NEW SAILOR!!!! Einhander

    Hi everyone just giving you the news update, I'm done with boot and am now a sailor. I'm doing well and things are just fine. Navy life has its ups and downs but every life has that. I do recommend if you are doing nothing with your life to sign up, its full filling. Time moves very fast here...
  16. Einhander

    Name that Item! Forum Game Deluxe version.

    This is a very simple game someone describes an object with 7 details. It has to be something everyone knows about. but when the next player posts they must say what the item is. The player doesn't have to be correct just as long as they stay within the parameters of the details The point...
  17. Einhander


    Alright kiddies It's time for me to leave to defend the honor, courage, commitment, and needs of America! I ship out the 5th of september, So this is my formal goodbye until I return. don't worry I will still be in the clan, Due to my personality and ability to handle extreme stress they...
  18. Einhander


    This game is easy, basicly it is to make someone into something wacky and crazy!!!!! The person above your post is your target so be creative in what their composition is. Remember to follow forum rules! Then you name five (5) items that the person below CANNOT use on you, forcing them to be...
  19. Einhander

    Yes it's just another poem corner

    Yes this is just another thread to post lovely cutesy cuddle poems, no matter how cold and mean they are, no matter how disgusting they are. Just make something up to satisfy your need to compose.
  20. Einhander

    Look like im back:)

    Yay I'm back everyone, But My pc died, -Virus- I ship out soon so theres realy no point in trying to fix it. I need to smooth things over with cozmicshredder I still feel like we are on thin ice, but I get a feeling that will change for the betterment of the clan soon. I'm really happy...