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  1. Barney99

    FIRST TUESDAY- tuesderday

    it's time
  2. Barney99

    Say Hello here now or just keep being unsociable!

    I think the quad core is the problem actually D: Every part this computer is new, I've even moved since then. Only the processor has stayed. :( Think I got TS to work though.
  3. Barney99

    Say Hello here now or just keep being unsociable!

    Not bad, not bad. I've been chillin' out, maxin', relaxin all cool. Teamspeak doesn't like my computer, it's worse than vent crashing, it crashes my whole computer. O_o
  4. Barney99


    Well, if you've noticed, I've taken my tags off on steam friends. I am leaving the clan, mainly because I'm busy at the moment, and I just want to try something else. I might come back, maybe in a couple of months, I just want to give it time. I might hop on Vent from time to time, if Coz keeps...
  5. Barney99


    Don't be a dick head Supertrooper or I will fucking punch you through the internet, alright? Anyways, nice present, I bet it means a lot. :)
  6. Barney99

    Say Hello here now or just keep being unsociable!

    WHEN[/*:m:1aolmnkp] DID[/*:m:1aolmnkp] WE[/*:m:1aolmnkp] GET[/*:m:1aolmnkp] BULLETS?[/*:m:1aolmnkp] And[/*:m:1aolmnkp] Hi.[/*:m:1aolmnkp] And spoilers?! And code?!! And marque?!!
  7. Barney99

    3 Word Improv <---It's a game! You should participate!

    Re: 3 Word Improv <---It's a game! You should participate "Very nice." Then a giant
  8. Barney99

    TF2 or Fortress Forever

    Yeah, I agree, that also makes Fortress Forever a helluva lot harder. I do like Fortress Forever better, it's just too hard for me :D
  9. Barney99

    Scenic Pose

    Nice, now make action scenes! :D
  10. Barney99

    Is Any1 Selling Mini's???

    What are Minis? ^^
  11. Barney99

    Banned Unban from Coz servers

    Are you saying everything? I don't think Shinobi would ban for absolutely no reason.
  12. Barney99

    Dividing by 0

    Yep, all it's doing is dividing. ^^
  13. Barney99

    Dividing by 0

    Does not work ^^ Right click on the image and select "Veiw image" if it doesn't pop up when you click, just in case some of you didn't know. If you have a mac, then you're fucked.
  14. Barney99


    Supreme Commander 2 will be coming in 2010.. :D
  15. Barney99

    C&C 4 Annouced!

    Tiberium may end, but not the C&C series ^^ Although I did like the tiberium games more than Generals and Red Alert.. Anyways, looks like it will be great, I may put my pirate hat away and buy it when it comes out.. Mobile bases sound kinda meh though..
  16. Barney99

    Post your current desktop!

    It's that time of year again! And rather than making a new topic, I figured I'd just bring this one back.
  17. Barney99

    HELP!!! I HAS ANTS!!!

    I was going to say to shrink yourself, and go Natural Selection Space Marine on their asses, but it looks like you have already found a solution.. ?:P
  18. Barney99

    Cake or Death

    I like star wars too.
  19. Barney99

    Slaughter Your World

    Lulz, that was kind of :cry:, but ?8O at the same time.. :D Checked out a few of the web comics, they are pretty funny. ?:lol: