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  1. Troop Extreme

    MCB_Approved! Troop Extreme's Request for Minecraft Builder Access

    Member Name: Troop Extreme Which Server or Servers are you Applying for?: Survival, Creativty What is your Minecraft User name?: troop_extreme I understand if I have Creative Builders Access I will be logged into the CozWorld TeamSpeak3 Server Before I access the Minecraft Server...
  2. Troop Extreme

    ACCEPTED! Troop Chris Hand's Request to join .:C7:. Clan

    Member Name: Troop Chris Hand Did you read the rules on the first page?: Yes Were you ever in our .:C7:. Clan before?: This is my first time Joining If We Accept You Would you be interested in a Particular Clan Job?: No Thanks I just want to hang out What type of Gamer are you...