06-10-2013 Still trying to get the TF2 servers back up not liking the SteamCMD.exe (1 Viewer)


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For a while I really just gave up wasn't in the mood to wrestle with the new way of updating the TF2 servers....

After banging my head and reading tons of posts I finally managed to get it working

For my server setup I am using a TF2_1.bat file with the following:
C:\servers\TF2\TF2_1/SteamCmd.exe +set_steam_guard_code ***** +login anonymous +force_install_dir .\TF2\ +app_update 232250 validate

The ***** is the code you get from opening a new login in Steam which you can do just by using a different browser and login into the Welcome to Steam domain... They send you the email with the new Steam Guard code...

I am still trying to understand the game modes...

Looking for a decent server.cfg and command start line...

It's still a chore trying to learn all this new stuff..

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