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Dec 31, 1969

I am creating this thread to resurrect the previous one, which I believe was closed prematurely. I don't believe I saw an explanation as to why the thread was closed, so I feel justified in this continuation.

I have a few rebuttals here that I didn't have a chance to make in the previous thread. As I am a firm believer in argumentative etiquette, please point out where my logic may be flawed, as I will do the same for you.

>> Hmmmm, retards like you shouldn't be allowed internet access.
Ad hom attack. As a general rule, I don't reply to these comments.

>> You have to listen to everything an admin says.
I listened completely to what the admin said. However, I was unable to understand why exactly he changed my name. All I could make out was that he thought that the server doesn't allow "your type". Thus, I believed him to be prejudice in that instance.

>> Also, if you read the rules like a good little boy, this would have been avoided.
I read and abide by the rules. What rules are you looking at?

I think we can all agree on that.

>> Your name ment... "Lord is that some Child Porn" I had a friend in the game and I was listening to what was happening, we don't allow that kind crap around here. I'm sorry but this was bad!
Okay.. and how is that name "crap" or not allowable? Why was it bad? What about my name made it not allowable?

>> 1. You took words out of context, 2. Your name needed to be changed no matter what opinion you have about it, 3. You continually called BlueFox prejudice WHICH is disrespectful, 4. The fact that you would go out of your way to post something on OUR site when you know that nobody's going to stand by you is pretty stupid and that reflects to your i.q. The way that I see it is that nobody know's you, nobody seems to like you, so you wont be missed.

1. I did not take words out of context. If I did, then I simply am going on what I heard (as it was sometimes hard to make out your speech through voice chat).
2. Why did my name need to be changed?
3. I said "Wow, that's very prejudice of you", because he said "we don't allow that crap" and referred to me as "your type". No, I did not "continually" call him prejudice, simply once. I have a screenshot of my console log if you're interested. How is it disrespectful to alert someone of what you feel is their bias? Are you going to call it disrespect if I tell you that you're sticking up for your friend and are getting the facts wrong due to bias?
4. Ad hom attack.

>> If you Dont read the rules things like this happen.
I read and abide by the rules. Nowhere in the rules did it say that my name is not allowed.

>> In this Clan Admins can and will ban you from the site if your behaveour or conduct is not acceptable.
Obviously, what is deemed "acceptable" is a far cry from my perspective.

>> Tip for ALL who come to these servers READ THE RULES!!!
I still don't understand why you insist that I did not read the rules. Are we talking about the same rules?

Apparently there are still a few things that need clearing up. The ruling opinion here is that:
1) I did not read the rules and therefore it could not possibly have been a judgment error on behalf of the admin
2) I acted in ways which are not the truth
3) I am "pretty stupid"; ad hom attacks are fine, as long as they aren't aimed at members of the C7 clan

In closing, I still do not believe I acted in ways in which violated any rules, nor did I "disrespect" or disobey the admin in question. Prove me wrong.


Dec 31, 1969
That's exactly what i thought Barney, This whole post is pointless. And your name is propably not allowed because it is sick and disturbing, people like you shouldnt have been let on the internet.


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Dec 31, 1969
Ishpeming, MI, USA
Yep dunno what's going on. But it sounds like mindless bitching.. So uhh yeah, continue on with life? And it's about a NAME CHANGE? Listen, it's some text for people to call you by on a game. If we don't allow it, then you change it. If you fight against an admin, it's like fighting a wall with your forehead. It's not gonna happen. And also, it WOULD help if you would put the damn name that they banned you for! Oh and.. "1) I did not read the rules and therefore it could not possibly have been a judgment error on behalf of the admin " Yeah, that's the answer to that. Because it DOES say to read the rules. If you didn't then it's your own damn fault. We have a policy when a person acts out beyond reason, how do we solve that? One, we have a "No excuses policy". Being so, if you do not read the rules on our servers then an admin will take action for a rule offense. So stop your whining about how "Unfair it was". And move on to another server. We don't need people like you to grief over something as simple as a name change. And now for the prejudice. We don't allow ANY of that against ANYONE on our servers. That should just be common since! When you join a server, specially on a Co-Op game, you treat other players admins and others alike with respect. Alright? All could have been avoided by simply doing what the admin asks and then to lay low for a bit. But it seems you didn't and you got yourself banned, kicked, whatever. So once again stop with the whining. Thank you.


Dec 31, 1969
Cumbria, UK.
It seems to me that you just want to prolong this silly thing, over something so stupid as a name.
Take your licks and grow up after a few days it would all have blown over.But know you are just trying to be clever.
If you have never been in a Clan this is how it works.
1 You have a leader and he/she sets the rules.
2 Admins follow the rules set by the Clan leader.

The internet today is so vast that a lot of new names have a double meaning and some of them are bad.
We have a large age range that play on our servers and we try and keep it a safe place to be as best we can. :twisted:


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Dec 31, 1969
this topic is now locked there is no longer need to continue this useless conversation with him, if he can't take his name being changed we should just permanent ban him off or site and servers hes throwing a fit here on our forums about it and no one is tolerating it like he thought it would. He thought I'd get in trouble but the fact of matter is that in no way was I wrong in my actions cause he is now arguing with our admins and it wont be tolerated this discussion is over this isn't debatable if you make another topic on this matter you will be banned from our site and servers this is the bottom line and your only and final warning.
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