A Marvel Of A Man: Stan Lee Dead At 95 (1 Viewer)

Before I ever had a clue who Stan Lee was my older brother and I used to watch Marvel cartoons together when I was a toddler and soon I was engulfed with all the Marvel cartoons! I had not bonded with any other Comic Book heroes or any other heroes on TV. I remember my father and I wrestling when I was little and he would always play the Red Skull which I think was ironic since he was Jewish and the Red Skull was always associated with Nazi's but either way he was always a good sport about it!

I am not sad Stan Less had passed am more sadden he had to pass when he did but I have high hopes for this world and am hoping before he passed he seen how our future is going to be amazing!

Spiderman theme song 1960s

Incredible Hulk Theme Song (1966)

Captain America Theme Song (1966)

Iron Man Intro (1966)

Mighty Thor TV cartoon intro (1966)

The Sub-Mariner TV cartoon intro (1966)


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