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If this all started to protect people like what happened to the USA citizen hwo was traveling to Canada Sentenced over Loli-Porn Manga the laws need to be specific to the content but it was like we discussed child porn even though it was some fancy Japanese style art work it still falls under the laws in Canada... I personally never understood why the porn based art work exists in the first place but it's not me to judge art I guess... And I doubt they would have arested him if he had a Flintstones comic or Spiderman!
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"The Canadian Border Services Agency is known for seizing materials depicting horror, violence, and sexuality, and their scrutiny of comics is on the rise. Any comic, graphic novel, or manga brought into Canada is subject to their searches, whether in print or on electronic devices such as a laptop, cell phone or tablet. Previously, the CBLDF issued an advisory for traveling safely with comic art across international borders. Now, we take a closer look at the situation at the US/Canadian Border.
What follows is a list of comics, graphic novels, and manga that have drawn the attention of the Canadian Border Services Agency at the US/Canadian border from 2003 to 2010.Every comic on this list has been seized by the border patrol because it was found to be “suspicious.” After review, if the comic is found to be permissible, the comic or the electronic device on which it is carried is eventually returned to its owner and added to the admissible list. Otherwise, the book is added to the prohibited list and banned from crossing the border. Regardless of its ultimate status as either admissible or prohibited, each of the following comics has been confiscated by Canadian Border Services agents and examined.

There is no clear rubric that the Canadian Border Services Agency uses to determine what is prohibited and what is admissible. Some of the titles that have aroused the suspicions of the CBSA include Gundam H, Grendel, and even Sailor Moon. By looking at the list, it is clear that the decisions about your comics are at the discretion of individual border agents, and that those decisions are inconsistent at best. Take, for example, The XXXenophile Collection, a series of anthologies collecting the satirical series by Girl Genius creators Phil and Kaja Foglio. In late 2004, the Canadian Border Services Agency seized five volumes of The XXXenophile Collection. Volumes one, three, and five were prohibited. Volumes four and six were admitted.

Regardless of CBSA’s final decision on whether to admit or prohibit your comics, anything that looks “questionable” to a border agent will be seized for evaluation. Look at your bookshelf. Do any of your comics contain elements of horror, violence, or sexuality? If so, it’s likely that they would be seized at the Canadian border. If found to be prohibited, possession of these comics could lead to you being charged with a crime, in the same way that one American has."

Here are some cases http://cbldf.org/about-us/case-files/
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