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Dec 31, 1969
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Now not to be a bolder on anyones back but, it has come to my attention that ever since we have gotten the Empires server all our other servers have been empty. Even such popular servers as our Zombie Master server. Now I'm not implying that we should not play on the Empires server, that will be destroying the purpose I'm trying to get across. What I simply want to say is change it up a bit. Go on our Synergy server or ZM server. Or whatever you want.

Is this just because the other games became old? Possibly. Or is it just a fad that's going around? Maybe. But if we only have one or two servers with people on them then we might shut down another one. And I have a feeling that only then, we will notice that we wanted those servers. Like I said, I'm not one to hate on the Empires server, it is a great game/mod. But we need to remember that it isn't our only server.

That is all.


Dec 31, 1969
I agree with everything you just said Bio, even though i like Empires so much, i think we should definetly take a breake from it once in a while and maybe meet up on Synergy, or ZM, or even that Doom 3 server :D.

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