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ll admins should read and follow this code of conduct. Please direct any questions to CoZmicShReddeR
Being an Admin is your first and foremost responsibility when logged into the server. That means that your duties of monitoring the server precede your desire to play in the server. Making sure that the game is running as fair as possible will keep people returning to all our servers.

Remain mature and objective in your decision making. Nothing will drive people out of the server faster than an Admin who can?t control himself or herself when in control of the server.

If you encounter a player who disobeys reasonable Admin requests do not automatically kick or ban them. The following escalation process should be followed.
Ask them to apologize.
Slap them. Ask them to apologize.
Slay them. Ask them to apologize.
Kick them. Ask them to apologize.
Ban them for 24 hours Post in the private forum to keep an eye out for this person returning and to monitor their behavior. Ask them to apologize.
Ban their ip/SteamID forever. No apology needed
Disclaimer: There are always extenuating circumstances and levels of escalation that may need to be skipped in order to take care of a potential problem. The above should be used as a strong guideline. Please talk with CoZmicShReddeR if you had to deviate from this path so that we are aware of the situation.

Respect the Chain of Command. Please allow the highest-ranking Admins to control the server. Also be receptive to the rank of the Admins if they ask you to run server commands. Please use the following reference on Admin Rank:
All Remaining Members

The Servers are not a democracy. You as Admins own it. Bottom line is that your decisions, no matter what they are, are final. This is a privilege that you deserve.

Clan differences shall not be shared in an open forum. This also applies to "Private" forums. These matters will be handled offline and privately by CoZmicShReddeR, ?, and all other parties involved.
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