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Jun 27, 2010
FlaNky <3 Admin

Hey im FlaNky as some of you might know. Let me start my application off, "THIS APP WILL APPLY FOR ALL SERVERS!"

My name
Name : Cameron Stewart
DOB : 1/10/1992
Age : 17/ 18 on October 1st!
Picture :
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About Myself : I'm from Scotland, Edinburgh which is north of England. I support Manchester United from English teams and i'm a Rangers fan from Scotland. I play 2 hours of football a day, On tuesday, thursday I play 4 hours a day. I enjoy Football alot because its a really physical sport and it has alot of great technical requirements. I am a full time gamer when I get time!, I currently run my own little community but I'd rather be admin on a big community aswell. I have a girlfriend and she is 1 YEAR younger than me but shes the best anyone can have"I don't mean randomly :}"

Hobbies : Football, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Baseball, Wrestling and Running!
Football Team : Tynecastle Football Club, Tynecastle Football Club
Basketball Team : My school
Cricket Team : Murrayfield wanderers.
Swimming Team : Scotland's youth team
Tennis Team : Scotland's youth team.
Wrestling Team : None but I watch it xD
Running Team : My Schools

Why I want to be an admin at :
I want to be an admin at because I can be active(I am active now), I ban kick spammers, advertisers and blockers. I can ban Cheaters, abusive players, racist players and SEXIST players.
I can help suggest ideas to all players, help users fix settings, help pay for servers and donate.

How I found :
Atleast 1 month ago I found Cozworld. I was searching on sourcemods and I saw a mod and it had the website on so I thought I'd play on the server for a while but I used 1000 names. Until today I decided to register for the website because I am really fussy and it takes me a month to decide whether a community is good or not.

Teamspeak 3 :

erm.. I can be active on the teamspeak server as soon as I have downloaded it because I only use Ventrilo. My mic is broken so I need to wait until I get money to get a new one. I can still listen on ventrilo and moderate it

Servers :

I can be really active on the servers, I can play alot throughout the day and at the same time on Teamspeak. I can also play at night time depending if I go out or have some fun with friends so it does depend! I'd also like to ban all these bad people lurking around throughout Counter-Strike.

Forums :

I can be on the forums alot, I can look at it on my phone when im not at home and I can also look it up when I am or amn't playing Counter-Strike which suits me best! =D

Admin on which Server? : Riot Day if you don't mind and that'd be very grateful!

Have fun looking at edition 2 :D
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Re: Admin on CSS! =D

You're request has been denied for several reason!

You didn't fully read the administration application sticky only Senior clan members can get Global admin!

You added more information to your post and not your profile... You still didn't provide any Steam_ID information which we use to check to see if you were perm banned anywhere online! You had some issues you had caused on other forums where you were either perm banned or you were accused of trolling and even one where you admitted to being 11 yrs old and that was posted in April 2010!

And I do not like people using smiley faces when requesting to be an admin on my servers!

Not open for further replies.

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