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Jun 27, 2010
FlaNky <3 Admin

Hey im FlaNky as some of you might know. Let me start my application off, "THIS APP WILL APPLY FOR ALL SERVERS!"

My name
Name : Cameron Stewart
DOB : 1/10/1992
Age : 17/ 18 on October 1st!
Picture :
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About Myself : I'm from Scotland, Edinburgh which is north of England. I support Manchester United from English teams and i'm a Rangers fan from Scotland. I play 2 hours of football a day, On tuesday, thursday I play 4 hours a day. I enjoy Football alot because its a really physical sport and it has alot of great technical requirements. I am a full time gamer when I get time!, I currently run my own little community but I'd rather be admin on a big community aswell. I have a girlfriend and she is 1 YEAR younger than me but shes the best anyone can have"I don't mean randomly :}"

Hobbies : Football, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Baseball, Wrestling and Running!
Football Team : Tynecastle Football Club, Tynecastle Football Club
Basketball Team : My school
Cricket Team : Murrayfield wanderers.
Swimming Team : Scotland's youth team
Tennis Team : Scotland's youth team.
Wrestling Team : None but I watch it xD
Running Team : My Schools

Why I want to be an admin at :
I want to be an admin at because I can be active(I am active now), I ban kick spammers, advertisers and blockers. I can ban Cheaters, abusive players, racist players and SEXIST players.
I can help suggest ideas to all players, help users fix settings, help pay for servers and donate.

How I found :
Atleast 1 month ago I found Cozworld. I was searching on sourcemods and I saw a mod and it had the website on so I thought I'd play on the server for a while but I used 1000 names. Until today I decided to register for the website because I am really fussy and it takes me a month to decide whether a community is good or not.

Teamspeak 3 :

erm.. I can be active on the teamspeak server as soon as I have downloaded it because I only use Ventrilo. My mic is broken so I need to wait until I get money to get a new one. I can still listen on ventrilo and moderate it

Servers :

I can be really active on the servers, I can play alot throughout the day and at the same time on Teamspeak. I can also play at night time depending if I go out or have some fun with friends so it does depend! I'd also like to ban all these bad people lurking around throughout Counter-Strike.

Forums :

I can be on the forums alot, I can look at it on my phone when im not at home and I can also look it up when I am or amn't playing Counter-Strike which suits me best! =D

Admin on which Server? : Riot Day if you don't mind and that'd be very grateful!

Have fun looking at edition 2 :D
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