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May 15, 2010
San Jose
Hi there its me again, MiyaRein.

I wish to apply as a server admin for the zriot server. I really enjoy playing in your clan server. There is no problems in your zriot clan server. Plus i have alot of time now since i just recently graduated (plz no congratulations required xD). I have been also an admin before i have stumbled upon your server. So i know very well to ajudicate and justify the means of using bans and kicks. Although i have a problem of accessing teamspeak i find it very complicated and very hard to grasp but i shall adapt (might need an expert to show me xD). although if you have a vent server I dont mind being in there for 24/7 since i have used it a couple times (like WoW raids rofl). Btw i dont speak or write like this just prefer to say things formal. But once you get to know me well. Well you might NOT be suprise lol.

Other than that I wish to one of your friendly admins and enjoy playing and serving as a detterant between players and haters rofl. Thank you for your audience.

P.S: Just being formal rofls
P.S.S: I go under the gamername in your server as Capt.Rein[JG52] xD
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