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Dec 31, 1969
i have picked up playing sven since xfire has been crashing CSS lately
i like your servers and its now the only one i play on because i dont have to download so much stuff
lately some admins have been changing the maps for no reason at all. it seems if they dont like it they change it. one time one admin came in and changed it to OMG and left. 3 of us had to sit 6 minute before an rtv. i also believe their giving them selfs weapons but it could just be from the map and i dont know it
i have no say in how you admin or run your servers but as a regular i would just like to voice my opinion

my CSS clan (gaming community) runs a very successful d2 server where a lot of cal and cevo players go and two popular gun game servers. we dont give admin out till people have shown they deserve it and it takes months. if we abuse,we get it revoked.

thats how we run but iam not telling you to be like us
i like your servers and i try to watch my language but i might slip up here and there

if you want to look at my clan heres the website: (LINK REMOVED DO NOT ADVERTISE)
we also rent servers if your interested in CSS or tf2
thanks for reading and happy fragging

ps: i might not come back to check on this post
my xfire is 0rphen6 if you ever need to reach me
Not open for further replies.

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