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Angels Fall First is a first person combined-arms sci-fi wargame.
From commanding the battle standing on the bridge of your flagship all the way down to frantic infantry firefights - AFF brings together all the combat you ever wanted.
Featuring tactical team-oriented gameplay and offering a wide selection of weapons, tools, vehicles and spacecraft, AFF focuses on objective-based scenarios with a high degree of replayability, playable both online and offline.


Fully operational capital ships with playable interiors which can be destroyed or captured by boarding.
Games encompass both fleet and infantry combat - work together to assault space stations, shipyards and enemy.
Huge variety of roles - dogfight in a space interceptor, command a ground assault from the tactical map, assume point to clear a building, hunt with a frigate wolfpack as a lineship captain.
AFF is in development by a small independant team,
in evenings and weekends.
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UPDATE - It nearly worked
Friday October 2nd

Thanks to all of you who supported our launch and bought the Early Access build, it's been a heartwarming experience to see how many of you want us to succeed.
However, as we all found out the game needs a lot of work to run at a public scale, and lots of people had problems - most notably with connection to a server and performance.
We're not happy about that and we're now digging in to improve things as best we can.
In the AFF Steam discussions pages, we've posted a list of workarounds for some issues, and we're collecting data and bug reports - please try and keep it constructive, and we'll sort this mess out.
The AFF Team

Thursday October 1st

Angels Fall First will be available to buy on Steam Early Access from AFF ON STEAM.
It's been a long time coming, but we are proud to finally present the game with hundreds of improvements, loads of new content, and many new maps.
We are releasing as Early Access because whilst this is a full working game with lots to see and do, it still has rough edges. We'd feel bad asking for the price of a final release, but we feel that it represents great value in its current state as an Early Access title at a lower price.
It's time to let AFF out into the wild and get people involved!

Detailed Feature List
  • Combined-arms combat - fly starfighters and capital ships, drive vehicles and fight on foot.
  • Objective-based matches, each map features a unique scenario with an escalating set of objectives, plus a Territory Control gametype.
  • Multiplayer up to 64 players, dedicated and listen servers, with bots able to fill in for players in any role.
  • Full AI bot support - use bots to increase body count for matches with fewer players. AI understands every aspect of gameplay, including the chain of command. Offline play is possible, as well as co-op style of matches where human players face off against bots.
  • Tactical, squad-based infantry gameplay.
  • Customizable infantry, vehicle and spacecraft loadouts.
  • Infantry suit modifications to personalize the gameplay style - pick a light suit to run circles around your enemies or a heavy suit to withstand their fire.
  • A huge variety of unique infantry loadout items - weapons, mods, customizable sights, underslung launchers, deployable turrets and more.
  • Intricate gun handling, multiple firemodes per weapon, material penetration, leaning around corners, reviving teammates.
  • 16 different capital ships to take command of, defend, repair or board and sabotage from the inside.
  • Multiple fighter and bomber classes to pilot, launched from capital ships and stations.
  • Space battles in which all ships are pilotable from huge battleships to the fighters they launch, infantry combat within capital ship and station interior locations.
  • Space fighters also with customizable weapons and subsystems.
  • Planetside battles involving infantry, vehicles, aircraft and sprawling environments.
  • Vehicular ground combat in all its shock and awe glory.
  • Customizable personal or multi-crew vehicles delivered right onto the battlefield by dropships. Switch out weapons and add vehicle mods as you earn more points.
  • Commander mode - an elected commander can issue orders to squads from a tactical overview map - but if nobody feels like it, the AI commander is always ready to serve.
  • Flexible loadout points system - nothing is locked, but everything costs you points earned in battle.
  • Persistent player stats.
  • Wiki website with extensive lore describing the Angels Fall First universe.
  • Gigabytes of content created by a team of industry-moonlighting pros and talented amateurs over nearly a decade.
AFF overview video

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