Another way how to make your old DOS games to work.8)

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Ok, you all probably all found out already but ok here it goes.
This will not work on Quake 1, if you want to play quake then go to this link, extract it to your QUAKE directory.

A overwhelming majority of the WinXPs out there have their command prompt box set to "Documents and Settings" directory so i figured out how to take advantage of this limit.

I can not say that it WILL work, some games do require DoxBox. If you want to download it, go here
Its just that DosBox can get very complicated and confusing with me.

ok here is an example of how to install your game
:!: Note: you must have the game come off of a CD not a floppy, if downloaded then just give it a shot. :!:
We will be installing Duke Nukem 3D

open the folder in the CD containing the "install" (or setup)click on the "install", if it dissappears, dont worry, just extract them to the following directory.

"c:\documents and settings\<current>" (<current> can be named Owner or your user name)
Then go to the Documents and settings folder and install it there, AND IF THAT DOESN'T WORK, its ok, just read the label of the .exe installing icon and go to the command prompt and type "install.exe" or "setup.exe"

After installing the game, copy and paste all of the data having to do with your game in to the Documents and settings folder, then go to the Documents and settings\<user> folder and memorize the name of the .exe that launchs your game (in this case it will say "duke3d" or "doom" depending on your game).

Then go to the command prompt in the start menu and type the .exe of your game (again, in this case type "duke3d.exe" depending on your game)
If the install appears after pressing the install icon in the game CD, then make sure they are in a area in your C: drive that you can copy and paste, after they are installed into the drive copy and paste them into the Documents and settings\<owner> folder.
Tell me if it works and I'll figure it out if it doesn't.
-Thank You for reading
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