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OK Guys just went over the issue with us maturing and entering a massive gaming server with Fire-Wired!
I know some of you want us to host every mod or Game from Natural Selection to SourceForts to Battlefield 2142 to Quake Wars and we can do it but we need a better system!

I just found out from Fire-Wired about a great deal for a Dual Quad Core System but it's twice as much as our current system price but with a way better host!
All I ask is if you could donate a small amount per month maybe like $10 or more and I will set up a re-accruing billing cycle through PayPal for anyone that wants to help us/me out!

If I do not get any dedicated donations then I will have to rent my half of the server out and that means things will stay the same as to how we are stuck with only a few certain mods...

Break Down in over all costs

  • Game Server Rental cost $2,760 a Year and Per Month it will cost us $230

    Shared Cost of Renting the New Game Server with SnarkCafe Per Month it will cost us $115.00

    Ventrilo Server cost $140 a year and Per Month it will cost us 12.00

    Website hosting cost about $156.00 and Per Month it will cost us $13.00 a month

    Also note that we use most of the website for our content hosting for all of our game servers...
    Total Month costs for everything is = $127.00

Note: All prices described above except for the Game Server are reduced cost prices as they are paid yearly!

Here is the new link for dedicated donations

Just be warned the links above for the new PayPal dedicated donations are charged to your PayPal each month and do not require you to submit a new donation and if you want to cancel the dedicated donation subscription account you simply log into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription to

We will have a new donations program on the main part of the website soon that will ask if you want to donate once or monthly and then you can add whatever amount you like...

I will also be selling reserved slots whenever we get our new Game Server...

Of course we will only be setting only a few admins to be aloud reserved slots unless they are currently donating as we will be needing funds and supporting pay play more then anything so we can maintain our system price...

Also Admins that cannot afford to pay for reserved slots can do other jobs on the website to earn donor slots...

I am retracting the Website cost as it is both Peronal and Clan based and it was such a great deal that I am going to remove the shared cost from the clan as I don't think that our content hosting from it would hurt the service but if we ever needed to use more bandwidth from the website for the game servers then I would have to include some small fee...
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