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May 19, 2009
Player's name is Sgt.5laughter, can't get a steam id for him. ?Today is the second or third time he's been on your server using various forms of hate speech, and accusing other players of using god mode hacks or aimbots when he doesn't win. I play on your server almost daily, and a side from this guy and a botter a week ago its a fun place to frag. ?Thanks for all the hard work you guys do keeping all this running.


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Ok Checked the logs and I see he has a filthy mouth!

I banned him but he can be unbanned if he apologizes just letting you know but if he messed up again he wouldn't be unbanned after this crap!

2009/05/30 - 12:13:00	Sgt.5laughter	190800501	Say	-1	hacker
2009/05/30 - 12:19:51	Sgt.5laughter	190800501	Say	-1	are you people wearing cunt skins girls or queers?
2009/05/30 - 12:22:02			GameMessage_18	-1	Voting initiated.
2009/05/30 - 12:22:03	diSco_BooDuh	188060744	Say	-1	gg
2009/05/30 - 12:22:07	mash_x	132991918	Say	-1	gg
2009/05/30 - 12:22:09	Sgt.5laughter	190800501	Say	-1	sucked
2009/05/30 - 12:22:43	Sgt.5laughter	190800501	Say	-1	At least a cunt skin wearing faggot did not win
2009/05/30 - 13:04:48	diSco_BooDuh	188060744	Say	-1	gg
2009/05/30 - 13:04:50	Sgt.5laughter	190800501	Say	-1	LMAO
2009/05/30 - 13:05:05	Sgt.5laughter	190800501	Say	-1	you ditched the queer skin
2009/05/30 - 13:05:19	diSco_BooDuh	188060744	Say	-1	thats you moron
2009/05/30 - 13:05:19	Sgt.5laughter	190800501	Say	-1	Makes you easy meat

Thank You for reporting this guy!

I would like to point out though this is Unreal Tournament and he seriously didn't break any major Rules he more or less was Taunting people to get him as it has been that way for years!

But seeing how many new people are getting on Unreal now through steam I know for a lot this is all new!

Anyways he will have to tone it down a bit with the slurs and slang as I have had to do to a few others...
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