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With All the Recent Reports of Battlenet Accounts being hacked it is highly recommended that everyone start using a Authentactor.. You can use the Mobile one or Purchase the KeyChain tool... The Mobile App one is 100% free where as the KeyChain one is around $7.00 and you purchase that one through the Blizzard Online Store...

The Battlenet Athenticator isn't a completely fool proof way to keep your account safe but it adds a layer of security to your account that makes it a lot harder to steal your password... It requires both your user name password and Authenticator key...

Links to the Mobile versions Here:
One thing to note is to save the special key your phone produces prior to using the Authenticator in case your phone gets broken or wiped of all data.. Without the this one time key you will need to contact Battlenet and email them a picture of your drivers license...

The other Authenicator is the KeyChain one...
Blizzard Store

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