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Hi everyone sorry that i havnt been on for 2 weeks cause i moved to a new apartment so now im back and i hope to see you guys in game again. :D


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Welcome back Karas maybe now you can start posting more often?:p

Well hope everything went alright with the move and all. I know it's always exciting moving and all minus all the extra lifting but takes time to get used to the new environment especially when you move into another city...

I never thought I would get used to the area I moved two a few years ago but it's growing on me but rather like the more private lifestyle living then being so close to people...

Not that I don't like being around other people just I would like to play my movies loud like in the theater and unfortunately with me living in an apartment that isn't possible unless all the other neighbors where deaf! ?:lol:

Well we be here as long as we can and always welcome our clan members back with wide open arms as long as they don't smell like B.O. that is! 8O
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