Brain Bread 1.2 Server -Kill Zombies Cooperative- (1 Viewer)

Hello People, I have reloaded our old Brain Bread server! All of your previous saves as far back as 2005 are still intact!


As you'll see our server address: MiCro-Hording! (Time left 10:02)


BrainBread 1.2 is a free half life one mod! So if you own any steam games you can play for free

You can download it here:

The two main extra keys you want to make sure you bind!

bind "c" "+mouse"
bind "m" "drop"

You can choose any key you feel comfortable with

You need to bind the +mouse because you earn achievements in the game and the way the game developers made it where you addign a button then click the button to put your XP into you're skill slot


Martin Weltchek


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