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What is Bukkit?
Bukkit is an up-and-coming Minecraft Server mod that will completely change how running and modifying a Minecraft server is done - making managing and creating servers easier and providing more flexibility. Learning from the mistakes made by other mods, Bukkit aims to be different and fill the void left by them: built from the ground up we've focused on performance, ease-of-use, extreme customisability and better communication between the Team and, you, our users. The overall design of Bukkit has been inspired by other mods and our experience as Minecraft players just like yourselves, giving us a unique perspective and advantage going into the creation of the Bukkit Project.


I am compiling a list of plugins we will be using on our Minecraft servers.

Some of these plugins I will be listing are for Administration, users and visitors.

First off what we would like to see.

MySQL: I want to see our Bukkit use a MySql Database but it will be one database per server... Reasoning why we can not link MySQL between servers is because Warps, Locked Chests, Items, Homes or Map Markers are specific to Spawn Points per server.

MySQL: Groups and Hierarchy... Put users with group access in a database makes things a lot easier for me as we can see it in our Database and means less files in the server folder.

Plugins I am looking into using:
WorldGuard [2.2] - Protect cuboids, nerf creepers/fire, blacklist (GroupUsers compat.)
Protect areas:
Give only some users the ability to build in an area
Protect chests in an area
Set flags on a region, allowing you to disable PvP, TNT ignition, etc.
God mode with /god
Adjustable spawn protection and login protection
Prevent tools from wearing out (disable item durability)
Creeper explosions from taking out terrain
TNT explosions
Flint and steel from setting fires
Control fire spreading:
Block ALL fire spreading, OR
Prevent it from spreading to some blocks (your choice!)
Control lava:
Prevent lava from starting fires
Restrict lava to spreading to only some blocks (your choice!)
Use a powerful block and item blacklist:
Choose what you want WorldGuard to do when (1) a player attempts place a block, (2) a player attempts to break a block, (3) a player attempts to use an item in their inventory, (4) a player attempts to interact with a block (such a chest)
Choose to deny; notify admins; log to console, file, or database; kick; and/or tell the player
Simulate Classic-esque water by letting water infinitely expand (only if there is a block underneath)
Simulate the sponge from Classic (blocks water in its general area)
Enforce only one session for a player on a server (so a person can't login twice)
Stop all fire spread globally with /stopfire in chat or fire-stop from console
Allow the placement of portal blocks anywhere
Prevent gravel and sand from falling

Dynmap: realtime Minecraft maps

Normal and cave mode
Realtime players (with portraits) on map
In-game time on map

GroupUsers [1.1] - Compatible with hey0's groups.txt and users.txt
GroupUsers 1.2 utilizes hmod's groups.txt and users.txt to recreate the functionality of hmod. You don't need to do ANYTHING to integrate your plugin with mine. Essentially, set other plugins to allow anyone to do any action, and then limit usage through my plugin. This allows admins to have a central location for specifying command allowances.

Note: I rather Bukkit Devs make this work with MySql like we had for Hmod

iConomy 2.0b (Selmina)
What is iConomy?
Modular, expandable, and lightweight.
Core plugin for money only, allowing other plugins to hook into and create their own advanced economy plugins utilizing money in new and exciting ways.
Fun, iConomy is meant to be simple. If you don't find it simple, tell us. We will see to it that it is.

LWC :: Lightweight Inventory Protection & Management
Basic commands
NOTE: see /lwc in-game for a more in-depth explanation of each command
/lwc -c public Create a public protection (anyone can view/modify, but not protect)
/lwc -c password <password> Create a password-protected protection
/lwc -c private Create a private protection
/lwc -m Modify an existing protection
/lwc -u <password> Unlock something (when asked)
/lwc -i View information on an already protected inventory
/lwc -p Activate a mode if it is not blacklisted
/lwc -a LWC admin functions

These commands "redirect" your command to a LWC command
/cpublic -> /lwc -create public
/cpassword <password> -> /lwc -create password <password>
/cprivate -> /lwc -create private
/cunlock <password> -> /lwc -unlock <password>
/cinfo -> /lwc -info

General - A plugin for general commands -

/enable|disable|reload [plugin] - Allows you to enable, disable, reload plugins. (needs permission)
/afk (message) - Sets your status / afk
/playerlist|online|who - List players online
/playerlist|online|who (player) - Give player information.
/spawn - Return to the spawn
/setspawn - Changes spawn to where you are standing (needs permission)
/time help - For more information (needs permission)
/tp|teleport - For more information (Requires permission)
/i|give [item id|name/nickname] [amount (item id)] (amount)
/help (page)

MCDocs ~ For all your Documentation Needs!

MCDocs reads "commands.txt" in the MCDocs/ directory.
commands.txt MUST have a dolly first line. In my example, I have used /NULL:LEAVE.THIS.HERE

The structure of commands.txt is as follows:


examples provided:


MyWarp: building warps since 2011

/warp <name> - Warp to <name> (Only if you have permission to)
/warp create <name> - Creates a new warp called <name> (Can be more than one word)
/warp delete <name> - Deletes the warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)
/warp welcome <name> - Allows you to change the welcome message for <name>
/warp list <#> - Lists all the warps that you have access to. Blue = created by you, green = public, red = private and you have access.
/warp search <query> - Searches through the warps you have access to for <query>

/warp give <player> <name> - Gives <name> to <player>
/warp private <name> - Privatizes the warp <name> so that only you and invitees can use it (Only if you own that warp)
/warp public <name> - Publicizes the warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)
/warp invite <player> <name> - Invites <player> to warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)
/warp uninvite <player> <name> - Uninvites <player> to warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)

/warp help - Shows all the /warp commands
/warp convert - Imports warps.txt into the MyWarps db.

Note: There are a bunch of Warp plugins being developed so we might not use the one specified
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