C7 GMod Server Discussion

Dec 31, 1969
Columbus, Ohio
As most of you know I've been working on a (Planned to be Public) Garry's Mod Zombie RP Server. However it's been becoming apparent that it's almost impossible to have a Zombie RP Server for the simple reason that RP will go out the window and it will simply turn into a Deathmatch versus Zombies. No doubt fun but I believe myself and a few other clan members have brainstormed an even better idea.

We run a simple Sandbox or SpaceBuild Server and "almost" every day of the week we have an event. Such as the following.

Capture the Flag, Where the players break into 2 teams and have 20 minutes to build a defensible fort. Players then attempt to capture the Rollermine from the enemy's base.

RC Racing, Where players design cars and race them along an admin defined course.

NPC Attack, Where players design their base and then defend it from waves of attacking NPC's controlled by an admin.

Bot Battles, where players design bots and battle it out in an arena.

Now obviousally the primary issues with build servers are PvP and Prop Spamming. Both are easy enough to correct. PvP would simply be disabled until a PvP match was to be begun. And Prop Spamming is controlled by a Money Script. Every prop has a set price (Either the Default or a per prop price) and players are paid a salary as they play on the server. Simply modifying the salary and prop costs will make it quite simple to prevent prop spamming because no one will wait 8 hours to spam 50 explosive barrels. All the Prop Prices can be adjusted while In Game. I tested this for 5 hours Single Player with a rate of 10 credits every 2 minutes and every prop costing 2 credits and never had a problem building a fort.

There would also be a votekick and voteban (10min) Script in place to ensure that even if an admin is unable to watch the server that players could be dealt with. Also we could run GMod Schools where we teach users about various aspects of Garrys Mod Such as Wire and the different Tools.

Any comments would be welcomed.

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