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Given that my colocation hosting costs have been doubled this month there is any more of a change I will stop hosting all together since no major member interaction for the last ten years other than a few THEDARK1 THEDARK1 GoatRacer GoatRacer I'm considering this might be the last year I am hosting CozWorld services.

All I can say is that It's been a great ride with all the fun I have had for so many years hosting everything.

I have made many friends from all around the world in almost every country!

I really don't want to give this up but the thought of paying double for something when I been working almost 33 that is 3 years past my retirement and sooner or later I won't be working anymore so extra expenses just don't help when you're on a fixed income.

My first love is in design and maintenance of CozWorld regardless of anything else.

As of now I just renewed the SSL Certificate for $30 for the next five years. Domain $20 a year are paid for the next 2 years. Xenforo license $95 every year. Mailjet services are $20 a month

So what I need to cover
Colocation Per Month $114.95, Per Year $1,379.4‬
Mailjet Per Month $20.95, Per Year $251.4
Xenforo $95 Per Year
Domain $20 Per Year
SSL Certificate $30 Per Year

Per Year Costs: $1,775.8

All of this is like a hobby to me.


The other part is there is a bit of things you always have to remember in upgrading and renewing stuff for a website and dedicated server when you are the host of everything there's a bit to maintain every week, month and year!


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Martin Weltchek

Martin Weltchek

Everyone shits!

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