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We have set up a COZWORLD IRC channel for ease of communication for all. To access the channel you will need an IRC program. Try MIRC. It's free to use even though it says it's a trial period.

Step 1:
Download an IRC program such as mIRC. (

After it has finished installing, follow the option screen that comes up on load. Fill in your desired username, etc.

Step 2:
Before closing down the option screen, press "Servers" in the left bar menu and select Gamesurge server in the scrollmenu.

Step 3:
To make it easier for joining channels when connecting I suggest using "Perform".

In the options, under Servers you can find a tab called "Options", go in there and press Perform.
First you can tick the box at the top that says "Enable perform on connect".

In the fields where it says "Perform commands:" you should put this:


With that you will automatically join the CW channel everytime you log into the program. You can also list several different channels to join. This allows you to join multiple channels everytime you log into IRC.

Step 4:
One great thing to do is to Auth with Gamesurge.

To auth yourself you need to create an account at
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