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Hey peeps,

We have been discussing our ideas on how to tackle the new beta release. We have decided to leave the current servers as is and see what happens with the new build.

As more and more people join however we will need to spread them out even further maybe even have some of you people start new districts further out take them with you as to help you build your districts but they will have to be further away and we need to discuss how far they should be so you do not gobble up each others resources!

Plugin ideas and furthering the excitement about playing on our servers!

We implemented a currency plugin on our server as to see about adding a Auction house later on and maybe even a way for people to trade resources for cash they can then spend in stores to actually purchase resources building a Economy within our server community and branching out onto the website so you can run your auction house on the website from the server.

Creeper TNT damage and Gunpoweder Removal!

We have discussed disabling TNT damage from Creepers for a while and I like not having to worry about them destroying our homes and areas we build in. But at the same time I wanted the Creepers to have a bigger radius damage so for now that is how it is... TNT wasn't supposed to be allowed on our server's as it was never meant to be allowed to be used by VIP members only Admins as it is TNT just destroys huge amounts of resources and we do not need huge gapping holes all over under everywhere.

Player Classes and Certain jobs Access
Classes is something will be added later on as certain people will be choosing what specific roles they want to play on the server but since there is nothing released to implement that we will have to wait a while...

I was thinking like Woodsmen, Fighter for a couple ideas like only the woodsmen could chop and plant trees down or they can do it faster then a normal player. Fighter would be able to take more damage and do more damage but these are just ideas...

As it is we can only wait until the official Beta is released as I am sure a lot of things will be broken on release!
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I am pleased to say the least. I think that we should continue building on this server for a longer period of time, maybe 3-6 more months, and then after that we can see the total amount of structures that have been built and possibly merge them with the old world into one big world full of towns, settlements, and cities.

However, concerning new players, a new cozworld advertisement thread needs to be posted on the Minecraft fourms because it appears that all the threads were removed, and things are now different over there. Keep the same requirements as before, players that want to be apart of a great, fun server like ours shouldn't have a problem complying to our application process which takes less than 5 minutes and also installing teamspeak, which makes the game even more fun listening to us joke and laugh and talk in there.

Personally, I think the creepers should remain as they always have, since its part of the survival experience but we will see how this plugin goes and what people on the server think.

Player classes and certain jobs would be a great idea for the future when we have a adventure/RP server, in the Survival server, people usually just designate themselves for what job they want, and change as needed for their settlement.

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