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Anyone that is a 40K Fan can appreciate this mod we are hosting...

Dev: ChromeAngel just informed me of a new Alpha Test update...

Between 6.20 to 6.21 Maps that need testing for the new Alpha 6.21 are ex_spacehulk and ex_city_conflict_v2

The server hosting the Alpha is 6.21 if you want to help test it please download the full mod BETA 6.20 and then update your BETA 6.20 to the new 6.21 Alpha then join our Second Exterminatus server located @ Installation Instructions below!

Note we are hosting two servers the first is using the general release Beta of 6.20

Download Resources...

INSTALL::: You will have to shut your STEAM down go to your Steam Directory rename your Orginal BETA 6.20 Folder from ex to ex_alpha then unzip your ALPHA 6.21 file then load the ALPHA 6.21 files into the folder when done restart your Steam then look for our server

note: Make sure your using the BETA 6.20 files before adding the new 6.21 Alpha Build!

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