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Jun 5, 2010
Well the title says it all this is a contest to see who can write the best creepypasta.(If you dont know what a creepypasta is the definition is at the bottom of the post.)Now i am doing this contest because i want to do a gmod project of a horror video and i would like to see who in the clan are able to write a good scary story. The rules are as follows.

1.No copy and and paste of a already made creepypasta if i find out you did this you will be disqualified.

2.You can make it about anything(video games, ghosts, your own life, etc.)
3.Nothing is out of bounds of use except for racism and sexism which as well would lead to disqualification.

With that said please make up your most demented and scary story/creepypasta
Creepypastas are disturbing ghost, or horror stories in general that lurk through the interwebs.
If you have any questions just PM me


Raserisk-Great detail but starts to ease off of a horror aspect and feels rushed in some parts. I give it a 6.5 out of 10

Einhander-Great detail and a nice plot but does not give off a horror aspect more of just a sad story 6.5 out of 10
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Apr 7, 2010
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Minecraft always brings pleasure to my afternoons after a dreary day at school, and even on this sunny day as I looked at the bright, blue sky from the balcony on my palace, I felt like nothing could go wrong.

I gazed at the sprawling city before me and all its inhabitants. Sovereignty it had recently been named. many individuals had come together to take part in forming their own little piece of the world here, so far from where our ancestors has originated in the northern snowy mountains. Now, being leader of this city, I've always wondered what the untamed wild lands to our south had. How can one be a leader if they don't know the area around them?

It would be later that day, that I would assemble a expedition team to explore new lands for resources and also potentially expanding our nation. I selected my chief warrior, Skdemons along with our top navigator, Steiner and our expert logistics officer, Stealth. We set out with no delay, and despite the nights, we still pressed on. Excited, in search of new territory and what awaited us.

Gradually as we began to explore this new land, the continents we were so used to, began to give away to more the deep blue. Soon enough it turned into a archipelago, hopping from island to island. Along the way, we began to notice unusual things about this land. Reed would be found floating from it's spawn origin. We even saw some floating over the ocean, not to mention the water was much more deeper than we had ever seen. Typically in any part of Minecraft you can swim to the bottom, but not this water, you would drown before even making the half way point.

As we set up camp one night, I decide to get up for a much needed bathroom break. Out of the corner of my eye, I could of sworn that the sky changed color just a little bit, but Minecraft has always been glitchy so I saw nothing seriously amiss. As I relieved myself, I heard feedback coming from my computer's speakers. As I stepped back into the room and sat down, I heard several words all at once, I could only make out several of them,

?Unnatural hut?

?Pig inside?

Unnatural was like a beacon to my ears. However, Minecraft when generating new land has been known to create some really weird stuff. I asked what was going on, and I was informed that a small dirt hut had been found with a pig inside, of which Steiner laughed that he had ?slayed? to my dismay.

I quickly ventured to the rest of my scouting party, and found this ?hut? it was a relatively simple place. With about a 4-5 block height. On the front of the hut was a two block opening, upon venturing inside the space was relatively cramped.

?Was the opening here when you guys arrived?? I asked.

?No, actually the whole place was sealed up, I opened it and the pig was inside.? Steiner replied.

Back at camp, we argued back and forth as to how exactly the hut got there in the first place. No one had come out to this far and there were no torches nearby. Stealth was convinced that someone had made it, while I was sure that it was just a ?natural formation? but no one else seemed to believe it. We eventually decided to leave at dawn since we had too much ?precious cargo? on us from all the rarities we had found.
The trip back was relatively quick in terms of the amount of time it took us to explore the southern lands. Upon arriving back into the city, we quickly stored all of our goods into the town warehouse and following that, I logged off for the night, another great day of Minecraft.

I laid in bed thinking about the dirt hut, and the pig. I wished desperately that Steiner had not killed it, but it was much too late for that. I finally drifted off to sleep where I began dreaming of Minecraft. In the first dream, I ?awoke? to a crystal blue sky above me, the grass was much more greener than I remembered, almost realistic. I turned my head, and there lay the small dirt hut before me. Looking at my arms, I noticed they were different than my average armored knight skin I'm so used to. I punched a hole open into the dirt hut, and gazed in and saw the pig. It turned and looked at me, and I felt this intense, deep emotion of love, and warmth that I didn't think was possible in a dream.

A few seconds later, I placed the dirt block into the hut, and that is where the dream ended. The second one started abruptly, and was pitch black. The darkness suddenly gave away to a mix of a translucent white and green, it almost seemed like night vision as the landscape around me began to form and I could see clearly, the sky above me this time was a very sickly green and the atmosphere was gloomy, I felt a pang of sadness. With surprisingly quick speed, I was able to traverse the terrain quickly and effortlessly. I came over a hill, and gazed downward and saw the just countless logs on fire as if a entire forest had been razed in a matter of seconds. At the epicenter stood the dirt hut, where figures that appeared to be shaped like flaming lightning bolts danced around the fire and smoke. Their shadows stretched endlessly over the land.

I could hear cackles, and laughter as I got closer. They didn't seem to sense or even notice me. Abruptly I heard a ear-piercing scream erupt from the hut, I knew it was the pig dying, but I never heard that sound before. It was as if someone took the default sound and amplified it a thousand times over, it was so deep and intense. The figures gradually dissipated and I closed the distance to the hut in a matter of seconds. I punched a hole open this time and it disappeared with just one punch. I looked inside, and saw the corpse of the pig laying on its side. Typically in Minecraft, when you kill a creature it disappears in a puff, but for some reason the corpse just laid there.

A reddish substance, or liquid almost like water, began to seep from underneath the pig. I finally understood this to be blood which was so realistic, it was as if another game engine had replaced Minecraft. Almost like water, it expanded beyond the hut, and eventually I was standing in a sea of it. Without warning I felt my legs jerking in reality, and woke up with a startle. It was 5:30AM in the morning, and unfortunately I had to get ready for school. I pondered the entire incident that played out in my dreams while on the bus to school but by third period I thought nothing of it.

Upon coming home, and logging into Minecraft. All the thoughts and dreams of the night before hit me like a sack of bricks. I began to feel very anxious as I typed the Server IP. It took forever to log in, but finally I did. I waited for the world to come into focus as I experienced the ?Falling from the sky? visual glitch, where you see nothing but blue, and sometimes land formations. For a split second, I could of sworn I saw something looking at me, as if almost studying me, but then the world came into focus.

I anxiously turned on Teamspeak, and greeted my clan and community members before diving into the Minecraft channels to speak to my friends and the people that lived in the city. Usually when I log in, I head to the warehouse to inspect our resources, and supply the chests as needed. I pushed those dreaded dreams to the back of my mind, and got on with my day. It was just a game after all.

Around 6 PM, traffic began to increase on the server. Steiner came on, and I greeted him with the typical

?Hello, how are you, how was your day? phrases. He seemed very weary, as if he hadn't slept at all, but I didn't press on, he left the channel I was in, and I could see him switching around as if he was in a daze, he eventually settled in channel one by himself. Minutes later, I was prepping up my resources and supplies to began a new construction project for the city when suddenly I hear the familiar

?User joined your channel?

?Raserisk, Steiner's house is on FIRE, and he isn't responding. You gotta come NOW!? I recognized the voice as Bizzclaw, one of my guards and quickly grabbed some of the water buckets from the town's supplies and took off after him. We rounded the town square, and I could see smoke billowing. I was shocked at this, since smoke in minecraft is only a few pixels but this was thick, black smoke that just seemed otherworldly. I could see fire wrecking havoc on Steiners home as his roof was composed of wood and was about to go into a very angry rant of 'This is why...We cannot have wood in the city' but decided now wasn't the time.

?Bizzclaw, why the hell aren't you guys putting out the fire?!? I angrily asked.

?Water isn't working we already tried? He sputtered. I shrugged off his comments, and took out a bucket and poured water on a patch of fire in front of me, the water just merely evaporated to my horror as if it was lava. I saw two guards attempt to run into the fire and break into the house, but I was appalled to see the fire kill them instantly. I looked up at where his bedroom would be in the house, and could still see his name, so I assumed he was safe for the time being.

I ran around the back side to see if there was anyway I could attempt to break in without getting killed, but the entire house was just surrounded in a inferno. The fire threatened to spread to more buildings if we didn't get it under control now. I ordered Bizzclaw to evacuate the surrounding area and just looked up at house in despair as I realized there was no way to save it. I could still see Steiner's name, and quickly switched to their teamspeak channel where amongst a flurry of confusion as to what was going on.

?Steiner, this is Raserisk, what the hell happened?? I angrily asked. There was no response. I alt-tabbed from Minecraft to see if this was a joke or just to see why he wasn't responding. I saw his mic icon light up but there was no audio or sound coming from him. I switched back into the game to see his name sliding around widely in his house as if someone was throwing him around.

A loud, thunderous boom erupted from the backside of Steiners house as the entire back wall exploded without warning, forcing me backwards. I saw Steiner's character fly into a patch of fire and expected him to die, but he didn't. I quickly glanced at the hole that was now the back of house, and could see a shadowy figure behind the wall of flame and smoke. His pale, white eyes were the only thing that I could see. Before I could even register what happened, the figure leapt from the house, and I saw a appendage of some sort, stretch to impossible lengths. Steiner attempted to raise his sword to attack the figure, but I saw the appendage just completely impale him.

?Raserisk, are you there? Raserisk? I heard Bizzclaw call out. I was too shocked at what I was seeing to notice. The same blood, from the pig in my dream, spurted out of Steiner's chest wound. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This couldn't be Minecraft. The shadowy figure disappeared before my eyes, and the fire gradually died down. I walked over to Steiner's character, which was just a corpse now with a bloody hole in its chest. I couldn't, and didn't understand how his skin texture had changed, how was this even possible? I saw Bizzclaw walk around the building before I could cover it up.

?What the fuck?? He simply said. I sent him a quick private message, telling him to never speak of this and I quickly used the obsidian blocks in my inventory to seal up the area around Steiner's corpse. I was scared now, my hands were literally shaking at the keyboard. I heard a faint

?User has lost Connection?

play in the background, tabbed out and saw it was Steiner. Upon coming back into Minecraft, I gazed at his house which was just a smoldering ruin now. We searched the ruins for any of sign as to why this had happened, but found nothing. I didn't tell anyone about the figure I had seen that had killed Steiner, I couldn't afford to create mass hysteria and possibly risk losing my population.

?Bizzclaw, what did Steiner say to you before all this happened...?? I began to trail off, my voice slightly broke but I didn't care at this point.

?H...h...he seemed tired, almost unresponsive. I just didn't know what to say, I saw his house light up on fire and asked him what happened but he never said why? I could tell Bizzclaw was pretty upset by what had happened as well. The situation was spiraling out of control, and despite this simple game, the dreams I had, Steiner murdering the pig, and the ultra-realistic blood was making me lose it, it seemed to be coming together and I knew I was going to lose my mind if I kept it bottled up but I had to, at least for now.

Demons and Stealth logged in shortly afterwards, and I dragged them down to a private channel to discuss what had happened at the hut before I arrived.

?The pig seemed to stare at me, as if it knew what I was doing? Stealth calmly said. I couldn't help but laugh a little, Demons followed in suit.

?You notice anything unusual, Demons?? I inquired. He replied with just a brief no. Stealth seemed a bit upset at our response, but I just didn't know what to say or do at this point. We all have had cases where a create has stared at us randomly, and I didn't think I could take it seriously as evidence of something going on despite the days events.

?Has Steiner been on today?? Demons asked.

?No? Was all I told him. I had to keep the situation under control, I kept repeating in my mind.

Night was approaching and quicker than usual. I noticed that despite the hundreds of torches in the city, it still seemed ?dark? if that is the proper word. The atmosphere took on a gloomy, depressing aspect, and I even began to feel the effects.

?Hey, uh, Ras, what is this red stuff over here?? Demons asked. It was as if someone had ran a knife through my heart. I don't like using the teleporation commands in Minecraft as it ruins the immersive atmosphere, but this time, I quickly teleported to him. I experienced the same falling through the air visual glitch before the world came into focus.

I gaped in horror as I saw Skdemon's skin. It was as if someone had crudely painted blood all over his body, and made it seem as if his entrails were hanging out of his stomach for shits and giggles.

?Look..down...? I turned my attention away from his horrid sight, and saw red blood seeping from underneath the obsidian blocks. I tried to think of something to say, but couldn't.

?Christ....? Skdemons remarked. He began chipping away at the obsidian blocks to find out what was underneath them, and before I could stop them. I heard a high-pitched scream. This time it was human, it seemed like someone had taken the default human sound for being injured, and played it reverse and sped the sound up. I saw a flurry of text at the bottom of the screen, as Troopah, another resident in my city who had lived next to Steiner began typing widely.

?Raserisk, you need to get over here NOW? That was the last thing I saw. I quickly alt-tabbed, moved us to the same channel as him, within a few seconds and alt-tabbed back. Far away, I heard the dreaded, familiar, ?User has lost connection?

?Raserisk, where the hell are you?! Hurry the fuck UP!? Troopah was screaming into his mic this time. I raced into the alleyway behind his house with Demons in suit and saw Bizzclaw's character laying face down, obviously dead. Blood had already started seeping from underneath him.

?Raserisk, what the fuck is going on?!? Troopah yelled. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I instinctively had already started placing obsidian blocks around Bizzclaw's corpse when Skdemons caught up to me. He only managed to see pieces of the body before I had finished the job. Afterward, I made them promise not to tell anyone. Unfortunately that was easier said than done. I debriefed Troopah later, he mentioned that he had not seen what had killed Bizzclaw, only heard the scream and then saw him dead.

I heard a ?pop? sound, the kind of sound when someone picks a item up, and looked over and saw it was Troopah. There was a piece of meat in his hand, the skin texture was all fucked up though. It looked more redder, more bloodier than what the normal pork skin looks like. I don't know why Bizzclaw had it on him.

With disgust, and just overall frusteration, I logged out of Minecraft. I heard Cozmic come into the channel and say

?Ras, we need to talk.?

I ignored him, and just turned off teamspeak. I wasn't in the mood to talk, I was upset at what was happening. As I laid in bed later that night, I realized that we had to go back to where it all began. That dirt hut, that we had found so long ago it seemed now.

I dreamed again that night, this time it was a very vivid violent dream which seemed to come and go quickly. Images of the burning city flashed, and I could feel my body shuddering. The dead bodies of my comrades surrounded at me one point. When I woke up later that morning, I tasted blood in my mouth and in the bathroom I discovered a pretty nasty wound on my tongue, I guess I had bit down on it at some point of the dream.

All through out school, I couldn't stop thinking about what to do when I got home. My mind was made up, and deep in my gut I knew this was the right way. We had done something to anger this entity, and I was convinced it had to be something to do with the pig, it all matched up. Bizzclaw's death didn't match up though. He wasn't with us, until I realized with a startle that the pork must of come from Steiner. Steiner gave Bizzclaw the pork, perhaps a souvenir, or a prank, and that must of led to his death. I didn't know what this pig meant to the creature, but I was determined to find out.

I texted Skdemons on the way home, and told him to get online around 3PM. He didn't ask any questions. As we gathered our gear and supplies for the trip, we both realized this might be a one way trip, and someone had to hold down the fort. Stealth, luckily, had been spared from the harsh brutality as to what was going on and I sent him a message that he was in charge while we were gone.

Despite the sickening feeling in my stomach, we continued to travel southward for the second time. I could already tell something was wrong, the days and nights were speeding by quicker than normal and the sky obviously had changed color this time. Demons didn't seem to notice though, it appeared that we all were suffering different symptoms. The thing wanted to make us suffer, I could see that now.

Passing through the last camp, right before the hut, I felt some tears well up in my eyes as I wish everything would just return to normal. The area appeared to be ravaged, it seemed as if a huge wildfire had decimated everything. Day suddenly switched to Night as I got closer to the dirt hut, I felt as if it was watching us. Torturing us.

There was a single block opening, and I looked inside. The pig corpse from my dream, wasn't there. Just sparse space, as the first time.

?Raserisk...? Skdemons voice seemed weirdly empty. I saw he was behind the hut, and walked around to meet him briskly. His character was standing in front of something, I couldn't tell. I stepped alongside him and looked down, my heart seemed to freeze. Despite the low light from the torch Demons had placed down, I could see it clearly.

It was a tombstone, a single smooth stone block, with two gravel blocks serving as the grave.

Written on it were five words, I won't ever forget.

?You Shouldn't Have Done That?

My heart suddenly jolted, as the torch went out. I couldn't see anything, the night was utterly pitch black. Even the wildfire had been stopped.

?Oh no...? Skdemons whispered into his mic. I looked all around us, and as if on cue, I could see red eyes appearing out of the darkness, we were surrounded. I nearly screamed when I heard dozens of zombie moans, and the sounds of Creepers moving behind them. I was about to throw torches down, when a ring of fire lit up around us.

?We're done for.? I said simply. I couldn't count or even think as to how many mobs had surrounded us, but it was dozens, possibly hundreds. There was no signal, nor a call. They attacked within a matter of seconds.

?Quick, use your fucking bow!? Demons yelled into his mic. We both started unloading onto the creatures with everything we had, dozens were killed but they just kept coming. The fire that surrounded us, slowed them down enough to where we wouldn't be overrun within the first few seconds of the ambush. Suddenly, I heard Skdemons give a ?Umph? sound from his character, and saw that Skeletons had joined in on the fight and a arrow has pierced him. Luckily his diamond armor would hold out.

A spider made it through the fire and jumped me before I had time to pull out my sword. I used my bow to smash it to pieces and had spider gore splattered over me.

?Raserisk, we can't hold out much longer dammit? Skdemons hissed. I didn't have time to reply back, as more monsters were getting through the ring of fire and I had to resort to using my diamond sword to pick them off one by one.

?We have to...TELEPORT...OUT...NOW!? Demons screamed at me. I turned and saw him battling a group of mobs. I quickly typed the command to teleport home but all it said was Unknown Command
I honestly thought we were goners there. I knew it was a futile effort, but I tried the command again. No dice. I could tell Skdemons was on the verge of death as most of his diamond armor had been destroyed.

?!? I jumped to the side as a creeper exploded near me, I hadn't even had time to react. Knowing that it was my last chance I tried the command again,

?You have to go now, I can't hold out much---? Skdemons voice gave out. I looked back, and saw his character, fall onto his back with mobs swarming over him. My last view was his blood splattered corpse and his stomach entrails being ripped out.

I finished the command, and it ripped me away from Skdemons. I kept repeating his name over and over, but I heard no response. He was already gone.

I laid my head down on the desk, as soon as I knew I was standing in my palace. The cool touch relieved me as I kept replaying the same image of Demons dying in my head. I alt-tabbed to see if he could of very possibly, been there. I saw the ?User has lost connection? message, I was surprised I didn't even hear it, but he was gone. I looked up into the first Minecraft channel, and kept seeing the channel increasing in number. I began to grow suspicious as these were all my citizens, residents, guard and otherwise. Before I could switch though, I was moved into a private channel. Cozmic had decided to take matters into his own hands.

?Raserisk, what the hell is the meaning of this?? He instantly yelled.

?Obsidian block mounds laying in your city...Reports of people saying that you killed Steiner and Bizzclaw repeatedly. I have it right here in the logs, that you did it.? He kept going on about everything, that the creature had did. I realized that it was playing with me now, and destroying me piece by piece. He had made it seem as if I had done all those atrocities. I spoke very little to Cozmic, and knew my time was coming to a close for Cozworld.

?This is a last warning, I get the slightest hint that you have done shit like this again, and you're done.? He left the channel after that. I sighed. The second expedition had been a utter fail with Skdemons now dead. It had been the pig all along, I didn't know the significance it posed to the monster, but we had hurt it bad, and now it wanted all of us dead.

I switched to the channel where most of my citizens appeared to be grouping in numbers in, only to be greeted by a flurry of static. It was just complete ear rape, I mashed the volume button down on my speakers and slowly eased it up. I couldn't make anything out of it. I felt a shiver go down my spine as I saw multiple ?User has lost connection? messages. I didn't hear it, but they were being displayed, and the number of them was going up.

Switching back to Minecraft, I jumped back as the front wall of my palace exploded and creepers with a swarm of zombies flooded in. I grabbed what little arrow ammunition I had left and fired as best as I could.

?Sssssss? One creeper managed to get through and blew the podium I was standing on into pieces. I had lost a lot of hearts, but managed to stay alive. I grabbed what food I could, restored half my hearts and rushed out into the night, only to see fire dancing across the castle walls of my city. I gaped in horror, as the a tnt explosion ripped apart one of the four support towers. I ran for the back castle entrance, ignoring the creatures trailing me.

? Kept repeating in my head. The whole city was in flames. I saw someone throw themselves to the flames, before two spiders jumped him. Another person jumped off the roof of the hotel. My dreams, had come true, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The static suddenly cleared on teamspeak and I could hear garble, mostly screams, and ?WTF's? being thrown around. I heard a high pitched scream on teamspeak and recognized it as Stealth, I could only assume the worst.

I grabbed my mic and realized this was my last chance to salvage the city.

?This is Raserisk, all citizens and personnel are to evacuate the city at whatever cost, we are evacuating to New Hope Island.?

I hoped that they had heard me. I teleported back to my palace, and quickly made a boat. I looked out the window to make sure the island was still there in one piece, and saw that it was. As I took control of my boat, I saw several individuals already heading there, whether on a boat or just swimming. I looked behind me and saw the city going down in flames. The fire was eating away at the stone. We had killed what mattered most to the monster, and now he was destroying what mattered most to me.

I arrived at the docks in a matter of minutes, greeted by a few of my guards nervously. By this time, most of the static, screams, and talk from the city has evaporated as everyone there died out. There weren't many of us left, and we were on our last legs.

*Doo-deeeee?dooo* I glanced down at my cell phone and grabbed it. The text was from no other than Skdemons. The words at least brought some hope to me, but the situation was bad enough.

?Lost connection to teamspeak...I tried logging back in, but it just says my information is incorrect. Also Minecraft continues to say that its offline, getting in touch with Notch?

Despite the somewhat good news, we didn't have time to rest when I started hearing zombie moans. They were coming out of the fucking water, all my guards were engaged in combat. I looked behind me at the ocean leading towards the city, and couldn't believe my eyes as the seas parted and the monster quickly was dashing toward the island. He closed the distance in a matter of seconds. I attempted to seek refuge in the fortress but heard the front entrance behind me blow open. He was here to finish the job.
I used what arrows I had to shoot at the thing, but they bounced off him. His arm suddenly expanded again, and it impossibly reached and nearly impaled me, but it seemed as if it had miscalculated the distance. I grabbed my sword and lopped at the appendage. Greenish blood spurted out, but the creature made no sound as if it was injured.

It brought its other arm around and got me from the side, knocking me against the wall. In reality, I screamed as I felt my nose crunch, and could feel blood down my face, running over my mouth. The screen gradually started flickering, and going white. I couldn't think clearly, as I held my hand over my nose. I saw that the creature's face was near my own, and the eyes were getting bigger and more brighter. My head started to throb with the worst headache I've ever felt, and I lost control of what was going on in Minecraft and passed out.

Hours later, I came to. My nose had apparently stopped bleeding a little while ago, but my shirt was soaked in blood. My head wasn't in too good shape either. I looked at the screen and it said ?Banned? from the server. I looked at teamspeak, and saw that I was banned from that too. I didn't know what had happened. Had I died? Did I escape somehow? Was I spared?

I noticed a flashing steam icon at the lower left corner and opened it. It was just from Cozmic,

?Sorry, about the bans. At this point, we really don't know what happened at your place. Most of it was obliterated, I assume it was griefers, and I knew we shouldn't of allowed it where anyone that joined the server has build access. Backed the server up to the map from a few days ago (I noted the date was before the crisis) so you're welcome to come back?

My nose didn't even look like it was broken when I looked into the mirror, it felt as if someone had punched me pretty hard though. There would be bruises that would form later, but I managed to think of a good cover up for my parents. I eventually logged into Teamspeak. Cozmic talked to me privately for a short while, I told him everything that had happened, but I don't think he believed me. We decided to keep it a secret.

Steiner, Bizzclaw, Stealth and Demons and everyone else that had died to the monster eventually got their accounts back, even if Notch was concerned that it was a hacker doing it. I eventually moved on, and tried to put the thing past me. I still sometimes have images that flash in my head of the pig, the monster, or the events that had occurred. I traveled to the location of the dirt one day, to see if there was anyway I could possibly attempt to disguise it from anyone else that ventured out this way but to my surprise it was gone.

I really don't know, where it went, or if it still exists at all. I possibly think to this day that we were playing on a corrupted save file, or maybe there was a addon that Cozmic had put on the server to test us, but I still remain vigilante.


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Apr 7, 2010
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I'm going to re-edit it, and make a better draft. My first version was MUCH better and more detailed, but unfortunely it got deleted/wiped on the cozworld reply thing causing me to re-type it quickly while raging, and forgetting good parts. I had to get something out right now since I promised you I would write a story.


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Jan 3, 2007
The Wife

One night before going to bed my wife asked me if I ever thought about the past that we had together.
Trying to brush my teeth at the time I tried to respond but most of my reply was garbled with tooth paste.
Even with a half reply she pressed on like women always do as if they have some hidden agenda they
must accomplish.
I reply this time with a simple jest about remebering how her father hated me, and thought of me as a
worthless salesman. And then I rebutled with a heart felt statement that reasured her.
You see my wife is a very inquisitive woman, I never could leave my thoughts to myself because she felt
it necessary to probe my mind for all of its details. In the beginning I objected to such a annoyance
but now after 20 years of marrage its like muscle memory now and our minds are one.
She continues on about what if we lived in florida instead of alaska, and having a tan all year
round could benifit our intimate relations. But I doubt anything could save such a thing
even talking about it is as if speaking about a specter that looms in the corner.

I finish my dutys in the bathroom and walk to my closet to organize my clothes for work the
next day. My wife normaly takes this time to attack me with playfull teases and how I take to
long to come to bed. But tonight she was silent and this slightly worried me that their was
something troubling her deep down inside. As we all know women have specific ways of
telling their partner if there is an issue. So I asked if everything was alright just to get
a whisper of a response. Now she was being coy with me. So I waited untill I was finished
with my work clothes to mount the subject head on. She looked at me with sad tired eyes
with a slight tear in her right eye and quickly looked away.

I wasn't sure which way to aproach the subject of her anxiety but she did that for me.
She asked me why we never had children and inquired if it was her fualt. I simply
reassured her that it was not her fualt, even though it was proven that she was sterile
by the doctor. But any modicum of civility would dictate that its proper to reassure someone
in distress. Or you could be that asshole who kicks dirt on someone when their down but that
wasn't the planned course of action.

I sat next to her and took her hands into mine. I said to her honey are you ok your hands
are completely frigid. She looked at me with a sickened visage and then I felt so stupid for
forgeting that she was sick with some advance from of flu. She nodded and smiled with a
slight tear sliding down her left cheek and kissed me on mine. The poor woman was
absolutly frozen so that whole night I made it my duty to use my body to keep her warm.
She didn't stir much durring the night which is a good sign. Nearing mid morning I awoke
to use the bathroom and get something to drink. The air tonight was oddly dry and hot.
My wife of course was still a ice cube but she will be fine, she's had worse. Durring my
sleeping haze to the bathroom I stubbed my toe and let out a slightly unmanly yelp. But
luckly my wife only shifted in bed rather than waking.

Finally in the kitchen and filling my glass full of ice cold water I leave in the refrigerator
I start to sip but oddly the glass of water gave me an almost instant brain freeze as if
I was out in the desert sipping on water that came from a mountain peak.

Upon finishing my drink and returning to bed I notice my wife is gone from the bed.
I assume she's in the bathroom because the bathroom door is shut and I crawl back
underneath my covers like a child and fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning with a icy chill in the air. The window was open and the wintery
weather had already stepped in. I looked around and could not find my wife. I looked to the
bathroom and the door was still shut. Maybe she woke before I did, so I walk to the window
and peer outside. Its a fine Alaskan day but still dark out. I close the window and turn around.
The bathroom door is still shut and I hear nothing from inside. As I open the door there is
nothing to see other than my ordinary bathroom and a toilet paper roll that needs changing.

I walk downstairs to my kitchen and look around, my wife is no were to be seen a troubling
thought. I set upon searching the house in fear she may be hurt or found herself to sick to
move. But no one is home other than me. As I walk by the stairs I notice an old picture of
my wife and I that was taken one year ago. And then I looked that the fireplace and fix my
eyes on her urn. Chills run down my spine as I relive last night with the specter that is
my wifes ghost. But at the same time my heart warms becuase I know she still loves me.
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.......Who are you....

I saw it today i thought it was just a nightmare but it wasn't i am scared now but i hope with expllaining this story i may be able to callm myself down a bit
I guess i should explain i was lying in my bed earlier and i tried to drift off into slleep but as i blinked i saw something it was hideous to look at its eyes black holes its body looked burned severly and it was missing a arm. I only saw it for a secound as it noticed me seeing it and scuried off out of my door into the main hall of my basement. I was frozen with terror i had no idea what this thing was but it was a abomination and i now know its been hiding in my basement....and watching me while i sleep. I dont know what to do now im not going in my basement thats for sure but....It should not be real or even alive by the way it looks. But it seems to be worse the thing before it ran off was touching my forehead i guess trying to feel the way i look since it obvioulsly has no eyes. I wonder how long its been here and for what reason its stalking me.

Its going on 10:00 P.M here and my parents have to go and spend the night at the hospital it seems that my sister has been hit by a car. I would go with tem but i have to watch over the house....

Its watching me.....I know it is i see my basement door crack open from time to time and i think it may be upstairs now...i really hope i am imagining this but i know im not its real and i dont know what it wants from me now that i know its here what is it going to do. Im going to go in my parents room and lock the door and try to sleep I hope they get home soon my cell phone is out of power.... somehow got in the room i dont fucking know how but it did it was standing on the bed watching me with those lifeless eyes. I got up and it just looked at me i ran into the bathroom and i am sitting in thier now please someone help me.

It is knocking on the door now and talking....It says it has been with me since i was born it says its been with me wherever i go and that its been close to me even when i couldnt see him breathing in my ear watching my every movement waiting for his time to show himself.

I asked him who he was and he laughed he says he wants to save me and that he is not the subject to be afraid of....but i know better it wants to kill me but i wont let that happen...

This will be my last time typing it seems the house has caught fire i need to try to escape so im going to leave that labtop here in the bathroom....I guess this maybe goodbye.

He is dead now but i sent him to his better place i saved him from the pain for you see as he ran out of the room into the fire a piece of metal fell from a cabinet with such a velocity it severed his arm which he fell to the ground in pain. I laughed at this sight as the fire slowly engulfed him but i came to him if you saw me and him we would look identical now the blood spurting from his mouth as of mine but i would walk over to him and pick him up and my wings unfold to end this trama.

For you see there are many of us watching you in fact when you go to sleep tonight i want you to just know your being watched we all are differnt but we study you and stalk you touching your face as you sleep but i dont believe you know how close we really are.....

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