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Haven't heard anything about her in a year or so and seems her and Bobby Brown where all over the news a few years back... I would think it was her heart that gave way finally... Many years ago I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I ever seen but after her and Bobby Brown got together and I seen her face a year or so after their engagement with drugs I was shocked... I was a Bobby Brown fan too but would never thought those two would ever get together but just the same I think they would have been a great couple if the drugs never came into the picture...

I did an image search of Whitney Houston couldn't believe there were more of her after here and Bobby and the ones prior where Album shots... Maybe people will start loading more now that she passed away...

I fee sorry for her children for having to live through the drug days with mom and dad... I used to watch "Whiteney and Bobby" a real life Drama series and was always feeling sorry for their children having to baby sit their parents...

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