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Jan 13, 2012
Rochester, New York
Member Name: Dantefuego

What is your Minecraft User name?: Dantefuego

Do you understand you are required to be in our TeamSpeak voice chat server whenever your on our Minecraft servers?: Yes

Do you understand you are not to randomly PVP anyone unless they had agreed to it?: Yes

Do you understand you are not allowed to loot anyone's chest, property or land that is not your own?: Yes

How long have you owned Minecraft?: A Few Days or Longer

What's your creativity Level?: ?Newbie? Novice

Which Game Mode of Minecraft do you prefer to play?: Creative

Why have you decided to request build access?: My friend or relative is a builder on your servers

Are you knowledgeable of Crafting Recipes?: Getting There

What level do you prefer to build at?: all the above

Were you ever banned on another popular server?: No Never Banned!

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