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One More Card to Play
One More Card to Play
Season: 3
Episode: 6
Air date: 2017-07-07

Guest stars: Regan Moore, Andrew Priestman, Louis Paquette, Cosette Derome, Jennifer Murray, Adrian Persad, Alexander Mandra, Moses Nyarko, Dylan Rampulla, David Collins, Michael Dufays, Michael Rhoades, Amy Matysio, Lara Arabian, Jessica Sipos, Ennis Esmer, Amber Goldfarb, Mishka Thébaud, Ayisha Issa, Andrew Moodie, David Richmond-Peck, Torri Higginson, Natalie Brown
It's Raza vs Raza when other dimensional alternates of the crew steal weapons, the real crew must get them back.

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