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Well we are going to have a bit of fun tonight on the DOOM 3 Co-op server. Thing is we only have 6 slots and they fill up quick! We are hosting Doom 3 with ROE expansion...

The server will be password protected and the only way you can get the password is from me on Ventrilo!

I will be on around 12AM Eastern time -5 Mountain time...

If you have Doom 3 and the ROE (Resurrection of Evil) expansion and have no idea about the Co-op mod just go to our download section grab the latest Doom 3 update and download the LMS Expansion!

Get the Doom 3 Update Here and download the Special LMS Mod Version we are hosting! ... d_-_2.html

Here is the link to Id's ROE

You can buy Doom 3 for less then $19.99 and the Expansion is less then $19.99...

We play Doom 3 on occasions just for fun!

You may post any comments here in regards.
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