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Doom3 OpenCoop 2.0 Freaky Fright Nights!!!

When Friday and Saturday Sept 12 & 13...
Time: 12:00am ... 3551#13551
Please be advised the server will be set to hellish mode!

Download OpenCoop 2.0 mod Here: ... -_258.html

If you are not in our clan and would like to play with us please request a temporary Ventrilo Password by PMing me... note: this password will only work from Friday-Saturday night after that you will need to request to join our clan before you may be given a permanent password... As a guest you will only be allowed to access our lobby and Doom3 voice chat server...

We might be using LMS 4.0 Coop so download and install both just to be safe it won't hurt anything other than a small bit of hard drive space...

Download Doom3 Coop Mod LMS4 Here: ... -_255.html

Difficulty will be set medium to high so the server will not be usable by less than 3-4 players...

The Doom3 server will only be made available from Friday Night through Saturday Night...

Warning: If you do not have Doom3 do not post here unless you are going to be able to play all other posts will be removed and you could face being banned from the forums...

If you do not have Doom3 and want to get it please look below...

Buy Doom3 here: ... 9050&cc=US

There are four packages available I recommend you buy the DOOM 3 Pack which includes: DOOM 3, DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil for $29.99 through STEAM

Just post here to let me know if you will or might be able to play...

ATTN: Downloads Section isn't working please dowmload both mods: ... indows.exe ... 0alpha.exe

SERVER PASS IS frightnight all lowercase


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Definitely might be able to play Saturday night, and who's time are we going by...Just curious.


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Well, I plan on playing Doom with you guys, I am "getting" Doom 3 right now, I don't know if i will be able to play online though. I also don't think i will be able to get Resurrection of Evil. If all fails, I will just buy the Doom pack off of Steam(ing pile of shit.)

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