[EDIT] The servers have some issues...

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Feb 14, 2009
-- "BAD: 2523:svc_bad;Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegibal server message - svc_bad" and "Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on Client #" regularly disconnects ALL players from the server.
-- You can no longer rtv if there's no timelimit.

About two weeks ago someone started goin into the C7's sven coop server files and started changing some stuff. Whoever it was added a rule "Play maps, don't farm exp - you will lose all exp if you farm" when half the maps on the server ARE farming maps. And then a few days later, the Host_Error showed up. And now there's the no timelimit no rtv thing. Which is a problem 'cause now you can't rtv away from maps that have no ending, or maps where the end didn't trigger.

Can someone PLEASE go in and fix things?


EDIT: I haven't gotten any of the host errors so far, so it looks like those are fixed.

But there's still the issue of "You canot rockthevote, there is no timelimit." Server 1 is currently stuck on sc_dead_zone3 'cause apparently someone moved the machine that opens the very first door to the other side (which is only openable by the train, and automatically shuts itself) and then left, probably after dying and then not being able to continue on. Now the map cant be beaten, will not autochange, and can't be rtved away from. "no timelimit no rtv" has killed Server 1...

Until someone manages to crash the server, or an admin changes the level. Whichever comes first...
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