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Jun 5, 2010
When a case is assigned to Seth and his partner they are forced to head to the supossidly haunted York Region where a man killed about 8 people in his house there.They go there seeking a man who is accused of murder and is said to be hiding out there.Meanwhile another man is coming home from his vacation he is forced to detour into the York region because of road work.Needless to say they all get stranded there with no way to call for help and noway to get home.....

Character Descriptions

(Skdemons)Seth Danials-Seth is a man who has seen alot in his job of being a Detective. He and his partner have been working together for two years and have solved almost every case they have got.He has only needed to shoot three people but he never enjoyed having to take a life even if its the life of a scumbag.

(Grey)???-She has been on the force a bit longer then Seth and for the first year they worked together was kind of a mentor to him as of one early case she had only need to take the life of one person and after that runin she tries harder on all of her cases as to not have to do that again

(Widevirus)Joseph Lincard-As a writer he is no stranger to the unknown and he has been sucessful publishing three books. As a way to sort of test himself he has had army training even though he never plans to use it

I will be adding more characters so if you were not picked dont worry i will have more characters these are just the main ones.And Grey,Wide i will let both of you name your characters and help with what lines you will say
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