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Ive played the trial 3 times over and i have to say.. its awesome, just requires a HELL of alot of money (for subscription) and the patience to learn the game and try new things.

In general you will spend most of your time traveling from this solar system to the next just trying to mine new ores.. then go find a place to sell your findings. You have little side quests you might do to earn a little cash, and their is a small story that is revealed, but the rest of the game is open to what you decide to do, how patient you are in doing so and having the right tactics in battle. Keep in mind that most people play EVE Online alone so having a teammate with you is a HUGE advantage.

But expect the first few weeks of playing *the trials length* to be extremely slow and slow paced, because the action doesn't get good until you get a good enough ship to actually put up a fight against other people.

Things to keep in mind, the trial IS the FULL version of the game, but you only have 14 days to play and after those 14 days you cant continue your career until you buy the game, OR reinstall the trial and start ALL the way over.

EVE online is awesome, but it should not have a subscription, or at least be more affordable

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