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Beta 9 completes the introduction of the Black Legion of Chaos Space Marines (CSM) to Exterminatus (EX). Now in addition to the Imperial and Tyranid factions you can play as one of the seven CSM classes, with their own chaotic weaponry on one of the five new chaos versus imperial maps.


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If you prefer not to run an installer or it cannot locate your SourceMods folder there is also a 7z archive of Beta 9 available for download. This may be more useful to dedicated server operators.

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Installation instructions

  • Install the "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer" to your steam library (it's listed under "tools").
  • Run the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer at least once. You can exit once the menu has finished loading.
  • If you already have a copy of the EX Beta, delete it.
  • Run the Beta installer and follow it's instructions.
  • Restart Steam. You should now see both the Exterminatus Beta 9 listed in your library.
What's new since 8.70?
The previous big release 8.70 saw the introduction of the chaos classes, but they were somewhat rough around the edges and still using weapons from the imperial loyalists. Since then the CSM player models and skins have been improved, chaos version of all the weapons have been added, including a unique hand-flamer and dual chain fists for the chaos dreadnaught.


Chaos forces can now battle it out on 3 completely new maps csm_trench by ChromeAngel, ex_bunker and ex_compromised by WhiteLightningTwister , plus classic EX maps Orbital and Thunderhawk have received overhauls with new chaotic versions and three entirely new chaos maps have been added.


A full record of all the changes since 8.70 can be found in the article What's new in Beta 9.

What's next for EX?
Wikkyd and Clay_More have contributed most of the assets required to add a space marine scout to EX. The scout class is planned to be inexpensive in the early game, with access to a much more costly sniper rifle in the late game. Once the scout is in-game a kit for creating custom chapter skins packs will be released before we move on to updating the existing chapter packs.

For over a decade now EX has been released as work in progress Alpha versions, with the occasional release of a stable Beta version showcasing major new features. Having made contact with Warhammer 40K's owner, Games Workshop and confirming they are satisfied with our use of their property, it's nearly time to take EX out of Beta.

With all the chapters supporting scouts the next major release will be version 1.0 of Exterminatus (no longer Alpha or Beta).



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