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Feb 7, 2011
How welcome is feedback or general comments from players? The population of the server is very low (peaks at the wee hours of the morning) and I was wondering if it's a legacy server you keep open solely for kicks and giggles and because of it's low reqs, or if you earnestly want people to enjoy it and let you know how to improve it.

I've been playing a bit, and noticed things here or there and I'll continue playing but my friends and I have had a few things catch our eyes if it's ok to express or if it is even wanted.

Well there isn't much left to improve mainly because we been hosting SvenCoop since the beginning back in the hey days like 2003 and unless there is a major update I see no way to improve it other then editing the mapcycle which has been editing millions of times over and over... But you are welcome to express your opinion regardless...
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