From The Makers of Minecraft: Scrolls!


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What is Scrolls?

Scrolls is Mojang's next game and offers a new and unique game play where you fight to outmaneuver your opponent on the battlefield using the destructive powers in your collection of magical scrolls. Tear your opponent limb from limb with the might of your summoned armies, lay waste to the defenses with the obliterating power of your siege weapons or open up the very skies and let bolts of lightning shower his minions until only ash remains. The road to victory is yours to choose. Obtain the powerful scrolls and decide which ones you will take to battle as you fight to become the mightiest Magician of all.

So what do you guys think about it? Perhaps it will rival Minecraft in popularity?


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What is Scrolls?
Perhaps it will rival Minecraft in popularity?
What? Of course not, before Minecraft, there weren't a lot of games like it. Now there a few imitations(even though Minecraft wasn't totally original, it out did everything else, before and after). There are several CCG out there already, so some people won't even bother with it, even if they own Minecraft. One being well known, Magic: The Gathering Online. Some people will buy it because they know who Mojong are now, but will they like I have no clue.
Even without all of the things I just said, the answer is still no. Just because its Mojong trophy/spearhead or w/e.
If the game has multiplayer and has something to build a community around it will flourish over time otherwise it will be downloaded/purchased by many who simply want to support Mojang and then flicker out. Mojang needs to have this to spread their portfolio out to interest perspective buyers or lenders. I am sure it will be amazing but they need to maintain focus on Minecraft because in the end if they do not look to enhance the core then the pillars will silently fall.... Just my Meatball logic/opinion...

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"Notch and I started discussing the idea of Scrolls nearly five years ago," said lead designer Jakob Porser. "We are both great fans of the CCG genre, but we felt that there were some common gameplay flaws in the available titles. We're excited to finally put all our thoughts into action with the realization of Scrolls."