Gaming and Reality

Jul 9, 2008
United States, PA
I was reading some articals online and came across this.

"On April 20, 1999, one of the most tragic events in the history of the United States occured at Columbine High School in Colorado.

Two students named Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold brought many weapons and ammo to their school and opened fire. For hours they went around the school kiling and wounding many in the process. The two had also set up a couple propane bombs before school started (how they didnt get caught doing that is beyond my comprehension). Fortunately the bombs failed to detonate, which may have saved the lives of countless people that day.

As most of us know, after a standoff with police, Harris and Kleiblod took their own lives. The two gunman killed thirteen innocent people that day and wounded many more.

Now what does this have to do with Doom?

Well appearantly, Harris and Kleibold were hardcore players of the game and Harris allegedly mad a mod that copied the Columbine High School layout, complete with representatons of teachers and classmates and that they would use it to practice for the killings. While planning the massacre, Harris allegedly stated that it "would be like fucking Doom."

Although Harris DID make mods for Doom, none of them were found to have resembled the layout of Columbine in any way. But them damage was done. Many school shootings now-a-days are blamed on video games like Doom and Counter-Strike, with critics (like our good old buddy Jack Thompson) calling these games "murder simulators."

After the Virginia Tech massacre, Jack Thompson claimed that gunman "trianed" on Counter-Strike in High School. A claim that was proven to be absolutly false. Although Cho (the gunman)had played Counter-Strike, he didnt play it often. And even after the Northern Illinois shootings this earlier this year, Thompson blamed the incodent on video games.

Many people play these games everyday and not once have they ever thought about shooting up their school or workplace. Most people can play these games and distinct reality from virtual reality. But I have found that you can not blame video games for school shootings.

Now there is one "exception" (and use that term loosely) On February 19, 1997, 16-year-old Evan Ramsey shot and killed the principal and and another student at his high school in Alaska. He said he didnt realize that when you shoot someone they die. He said that because he played video games like Doom hardcore and says he could not distinguish reality from virtual reality. He is now serving a 210 year sentence,

Keep in mind that Ramsey's father had held up a bank a few years before the school shooting. His father got a ten year prison sentence for armed robbery. So maybe Evan decided to do what his father did, except Evan killed people. (I hope that makes sense)

Now what are the actual causes of school shootings. Well bullying, bad parenting, schools administrations (i.e. principals) for not dealing with these situations, and maybe the fact that people are just insane."

Hmmm, I wonder what people think about Guitar Hero and actualy playing a guitar.

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