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Teamspeak 3 Rules

These are set of rules or guidelines that I, and your peers expect you to follow while on our TS3 server. I expect everyone to abide by these rules. Why am I making this now? Because we need it... seriously.

Rules are fun to follow, think of it like a game, if you break a rule, you get punished. Simple as that. It's also been pointed out to me that people are being irresponsible and inconsiderate of the well-being of others, that is, sending pornographic content and/or screaming web-pages.

1. Advertising servers and communities that are not owned by CozWorld Gaming Community is prohibited.

Breaking this rule can and will result in a ban, the duration of said ban may be varied depending on the severity of the offence. In short, don't do it.

2. Channel hopping, poke, and chat spamming is not allowed.

Channel hopping refers to the continuous switching of channels on the server in an attempt to relieve boredom and/or cause annoyance for everyone else. Poke spamming refers to the constant poking of an individual in an attempt to annoy them. Also, please refrain from using non alphanumeric characters as a name or in chat, it is a form of spamming.

Breaking this rule can and will result in a ban, the duration of said ban may be varied.

3. Sexual content is looked down upon in CozWorld Gaming Community.

I DO NOT want to see people using sexual images OF ANY KIND as their avatar. The use of sexual images as avatars will result in a ban and offenders will either be banned or have their avatar setting disabled. If ONE sexual image is found as your avatar, you will be banned for a day on the first offence. Second offence will result in a 7 day ban. Third offence will result in a MONTH ban.

Sending links to pornographic or sexual content to someone who hadn't asked for it is illegal. Punishments are listed in the above paragraph.

4. Inappropriate, non-pornographic/sexual links with only the purpose to annoy are prohibited.

This rule is self-explanatory. Breaking this rule will be punishable in a manner found suitable by the invoker.

5. Impersonating and/or changing one's name to cause grief and an attempt to attack an individual or a group of individuals is not allowed.

This rule includes changing names to look similar to those in position of authority and is not allowed and is a ban-able offence. Changing your name to mock, attack, discriminate, et cetera, against ANYONE will result in a warning, and possibly a ban.

6. No excessive swearing and harassment.

Again, these rules are self-explanatory and do not need to be explained. Breaking this rule will result in a warning and/or temp ban.

7. Use common sense.

If you don't have common sense, you shouldn't be allowed to live.

NOTE: Using proxies in an attempt to evade a ban will be dealt with utmost severity. Using a proxy to evade even the most minuscule of temp-bans will result in a permanent ban. It only takes an admin 1 click to ban someone. You're just wasting your time.
~CozWorld Gaming Community Administration

This set of rules is subject to change at ANY time, so make sure you check it once in
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