Gonna be gone for a bit!


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Dec 31, 1969
Seattle, Washington.
Tis I, Mister Failcake.

As of this upcoming Tuesday (Est) I will be moving into Seattle, I will not be on a lot fortunately nor on team speak. I will though, try my best to find a job quickly as I move and aim for my own personal computer since my mother perfers to leave the one I'm using behind. (It's not agreeing with Source Engines, and it's not that great.)

I'm not sure when I'll return but I may be on Steam here and there, playing video games. I'll try to stay in touch.

If those who have any suggestions on what kind of PC I should get, do tell. Nothing like building your own PC because I lack the skills to do so.

And perferably in the 100's range, but maybe 1k or 2k is good too. I was thinking the Black bird maybe? I also need to get a laptop too for my novel writing ._.

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