5.0- Really Enjoyed it! Grandma's Boy (2006)

Title: Grandma's Boy

Tagline: A movie that proves you're never too old to come of age.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Nicholaus Goossen

Cast: Linda Cardellini, Allen Covert, Peter Dante, Shirley Knight, Joel David Moore, Kevin Nealon, Doris Roberts, Shirley Jones, Nick Swardson, Jonah Hill, Kelvin Yu, Chuck Church, Todd Holland, Scott Halberstadt, Shana Hiatt, Heidi Hawking, John Kirk, Joe Koons, Bryan Ling, Geno Kirkland, Danni Katz, Rob Schneider

Release: 2006-01-06

Runtime: 94

Plot: Even though he's 35, Alex acts more like he's 13, spending his days as the world's oldest video game tester and his evenings developing the next big Xbox game. But he gets kicked out of his apartment and is forced to move in with his grandmother.

One of my all time favorite movies!




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