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So I am currently working on a map for Obsidian Conflict(Synergy?) based on the .Hack// world.
If you don't know about it, its a game, anime and manga about an online mmorpg named "The World". Where people who died in the game fall in a coma. Though you won't playing my map.
I really have no like story to go with. Thought I made progress on something, and it seems to work, Upgrades. I have been working mostly on this part. Though I am not sure how the transition will work with upgrades. I guess I try to make a some very simple custom textures and maybe models(got one working). Though I need help with the upgrades part, hopefully this will benefit the most. It works with everyone (to keep everyone at the same level) and shared bought. What shared is if one person put 5 in it, another person can put the rest amount in.Only started a few weeks ago and I have only worked on one level. Maybe I make only a few more. Treasure chest will be in, maybe you can get some money or die. Thought of putting in events i.e. mini-games where you can win money or something.

Chaos Gates and Banners
When you say by a ?sniper rifle as if in the hl2 ep2 or a different sniper?

by the way it looks good will there a be a actual story line to this


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Jan 3, 2007
neet! If I make a little thing of a map for you could you incorporate it by chance?


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Well I am trying to make Mac Anu look better. So maybe you guys can do something for me? It is totally optional. Just edit the banner to a neat design. Though it must not change its size that I already have given in it. Just add whatever on it or change the colors.
Something like this is nice example, some sort of symbol on it.

Photoshop needed.


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Dec 31, 1969
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Hey Shinobs, I'm not a mapper and neither do I read .Hack//, but it looks really good so far! It would make a really cool roleplaying map. ?:D

Good work! ?:)
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