Important Hosting servers without love from Steam Community!


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I have been hosting game servers for about 17 years now mainly Steam Games, Mods and Unreal games and mods...

It saddens me to see our Steam Community page numbers dwindling over time... I work so hard on the website and the servers making sure they are updated so people I don't know or ever met can enjoy the games I been hosting for many years...


Some times I wonder why I do it... Why do I bother? Am I sick or just plan retarded?

I get no money hosting anything and really do it just out of pure love.

I know I am kind of dead with playing Steam games but I still enjoying hosting them.

I just wished we had the same numbers that play on our servers posting on the website and being involved with what I do social media and such.

I don't even reboot the servers for important updates until they seem cleared out to many one server.

Anyways don't be surprised if my hosting just disappears...


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